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Jun 18, 2007 09:38 PM

Live Lobster or Lobster Pounds in Nova Scotia

Will be visiting Nova Scotia, Breton Island and PEI in an RV next June 08. Will be eating lobster morning noon and night. Like to cook my own or eat at a lobster pound in the rough. Any suggestions where to buy off the boats or good fish markets and eating or buying at lobster pounds.

Thanks much for any tips.

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  1. Growing up in NS......the one name that still comes to mind is the Clearwater lobster pound on the Bedford Highway and the Halifax International Airport......
    I am sure there are other locations.......

    1. It's Cape Breton Island, not Breton Island. And you should go to the Nova Scotia Dept. of Torism website and ask for the "Doers and Dreamers Guide". That should give you info. on Lobster puonds in N.S. PEI probaly has something similar for that Province. Hope this helps!


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        Sorry for the error neglecting the word Cape. Many parts of the world take exception to people not pronouncing or listing a city, state or otherwise properly. I will surly remember Cape in the future and will enjoy some of the best Lobster in the world if not the best. Thanks for the tips.

      2. On Cape Breton, try the Island Sunset lobster pounds. One is at their restaurant and resort on the Cabot Trail in Belle Cote on Margaree Harbour. They also have a store in the town of Inverness on Route 19/Ceilidh Trail.

        My family is from the area and my wedding was last summer at the Resort. They were just then constructing a little building below the restaurant with picnic tables, with the the intention of selling live or cooked lobsters and ice cream. It's a pretty spot.

        1. We live just outside of Port Hawkesbury Cape Breton Island and during the months of May and June we really take advantage of the lobster season. It is the best time of the year to get Lobster here. My favourite place to purchase lobster is at the wharf in the village of Havre Boucher. This is on the mainland just before you get to the causeway which links the mainland to Cape Breton. The boats usually come in around 10:30 in the morning and you will be able to purchase lobster just off the boat . You will get an excellent price. Just last week I paid $6.00 a pound for market size lobster. If you are not around this area at that time of day you can also buy at the lobster pound on the highway at Auld's Cove. (very close to the large Irving station). The price here will probably go up by a couple of dollars. Everytime it changes hands the price goes up. Other pounds are to be found at Arichat on Isle Madame and at L'Ardoise on the Fleur de Lis Trail. If you are travelling off the main highways along the coast just keep your eyes open for boats at the docks. Take a wander down and ask if you can buy lobster. The boats go out very early in the morning, just before the sun comes up and they will be back to the docks by mid morning. Oh btw, The Halifax International Airport is now called the Stanfield International Airport.

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            As a resident of cape breton island (on temporary work assignment in Toronto) I suggest winding your way down the Celidh trail, one of the most scenic drives in all of canada. You will start at the causeway that bridges Nova Scotia and Cape Breton and make your way down the west coast of the island. This side is the less inhabitited, less industrialized and most untouched on the island. You'll make your way through Judique, Port Hood, Mabou, Inverness and then to Cheticamp. In any of these mentioned towns you can make your way to the wharf and the fisherman will either have a fresh catch ready for sale or direct to the markets in the area. If you're travelling in an RV, I suggest making a stop for the night in Inverness (at MacLeods Beach Campground) or onward to Cheiticamp. You will certainly have the time of your life, soak up the culture and the good hearts of the people. Truly a place like no other on earth!

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              Hello, my son and i will be travelling to Cape Breton in June-July and wanted some more 'tourist' tips!
              We are interested in lobster, fishing, whale watching and camping.

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                We'll be in Port Hawkesbury in 2 weeks. Any good restaurant suggestions?

              2. If you are on the South Shore in NS, go to the end of the harbour in Lunenburg (the one where the Blue Nose docks when in port) and look for the 'fresh lobster' sign for the cook it yourself variety.