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Jun 18, 2007 09:24 PM

success with rubio "like" hot salsa

Ok awhile ago a few of you on the board acknowledged that you too loved this salsa. I made it and here it is. Its easy and takes all of 10 minutes to make.
The hardest part of the recipe was charring the red pepper flakes and not burning them.
I hope you enjoy it!

So for a small little batch:

1 small can of tomato sauce - any brand is ok
2 T or more of red chili pepper flakes
2 tsp sugar or to taste
Salt 1 T or to taste

Toast/char the chili flakes in a frying pan – don’t burn! They should be dark not burnt
Toss the pan constantly for even charring. I leave the seeds in. Don't let them get to blackend. (I used a small saute pan, non stick)I would lift the pan when it got to hot and tossed the flakes all around. When the flakes are at the dark color you desire:
Add the can of sauce, let it simmer and reduce. Tasting it, it will taste like tomato sauce with the flakes - not good and so you will need to add
salt to taste - I added it a little at a time. Now it will begin to start tasting better
Add sugar to taste- same process a little at a time - keep tasting
Let it continue to simmer and reduce on low then turn it off and let it sit. Add a little water to thin it, not too much!
I then turned the heat back on and let it cook a little longer, maybe 5 minutes stirring it to make sure i like the consistency. I added another pinch of sugar at this point turned the flame off and let it cool. Once it was cool:
Pour salsa into a container and serve with taco salads, tacos or use wherever!
The addition of the sugar made it so much better! And today, it was excellent!
It tastes spot on only better, and I think the reason it does is the amount of sugar, and not burning the chili flakes.

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  1. cc -
    I had an extra 10-15 mins. on my hands....and i was intrigued by this i tried it. It's really good. My husband loves this and didn't understand how something with 4 ingredients can end up tasting like that. So, thank you for the effort you put into will be enjoyed at our house many times on many different things.

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    1. re: THenderson

      TH, I really appreciate that you tried this salsa! I know it looks as if there is no possible way it would make a decent salsa and it does.

      I made chicken quesadillas tonight, layered with grilled chicken, this salsa, 3 cheeses, cilantro, scallion, tomato, red onion and sour cream. So good!!!!

      I'm glad you like it!

      1. re: chef chicklet

        i just read on another thread that you have pics of that to share? That sounds like something I'd make and I am always looking for good combos of the ingredients etc. - I'm anxious to use this red salsa on quesadillas/ enchiladas.

          1. re: chef chicklet

            Thanks so much for sharing. Your pics are great! I'm a mostly with children and pets - candid, no formal studio stuff for me. What beautiful subjects you have to photograph. Living here in suburbia, myself, I can appreciate your "tuesday morning in suburbia"!

            1. re: THenderson

              Do you photo share? love taking pics of everything and my GS, whom I am raising. Sad story, we're so blessed.

              1. re: chef chicklet

                I will send you an e-mail to the address listed in your profile - i love to share!

                1. re: THenderson

                  Wonderful! and I am very new at photgraphy as you can see!

    2. Just tried making this...your directions are so well laid out. Man this was really easy and pretty darn good...My boyfriend and i are already planning dishes we can top this with...YUM. Thanks for sharing!!

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      1. re: jennisad

        Thank you so much jennisad for your report. I am thrilled you tried it. Earlier today I read the very interesting bit written on CH about the search for a salsa recipe that was involving dna testing. Funny but true, I can relate completely. I made chicken quesadillas last night with this sauce in in between the cheese and the other fillings - so GOOD!
        What is so dumbfounding (I have seriously been obsessed with it, trying to make this now for sometime) is that I THOUGHT the flavour was from chipotles and I also THOUGHT there had to of roasted tomatoes and roasted onions in it too. There are none!
        Is it not uncanny the flavor you get from this simple sauce?
        Smoke and mirrors!

        1. re: chef chicklet

          It does have a smoky taste...I admire your endless pursuit in pegging the EXACT replica! Oh...i have done the same thing, still have yet to find a dense, moist lemon pound cake that i approve of...

          P.S. this must be the photography thread too...I am an avid photographer too! I envy TH able to do it for a living

          1. re: jennisad

            Thats hilarious no kidding - like bees to honey!
            Do you photo share as well?

              1. re: chef chicklet

                Yes a lemon pound cake...i am looking for one that has an intense lemon flavor, very moist, and dense...i have tried many. I originally thought it was a regular cake I am looking for, but it is not dense enough, most cakes are flaky and light. If you have any ideas, i welcome them!

                I DO photoshare...recently took a trip to paris, have some great picts, but since the both of you I think I will start taking photos of my food too! Wanna swap?

                1. re: jennisad

                  Jennisad, I do have a lemon pound cake recipe that I made awhile ago, it did have blueberries too...I'll find it and see what you think.
                  The link above takes you to my pictures on I don't seem to be able to post pictures on CH for some reason and haven't asked why there isn't that function any longer.
                  Yes please! My email address is with my other info for CH...

              2. re: jennisad

                oh, how i wish i was there already...actually making a real living at it. I've just started down this path and am loving it, hoping it will grow and bloom into a great little business. I too, would like a great lemon pound cake, sounds like cc has one! I'd love to see your pics.

                1. re: THenderson

                  I will be forever indebted for a good lemon one! I have tried many listed on this site as 'great' ones...and while some were,, still not what i want!
                  I have a small slideshow listed here from a recent trip to France...the food there was soooo rich! too many sauces on everything. I was on a river cruise that had 5 star cuisine, so I got the real deal!


                  1. re: jennisad

                    Your photos are amazing...thanks. I'd love to have a couple of those to decorate my guest bdrm. - - they'd fit in perfectly with what i'm doing! On the salsa note: I've just passed this recipe along to my mom who is completely skeptical that it will come out tasting great - what until she tries it. I look forward to saying, "i told you so"! lol.

                      1. re: chef chicklet

                        no kidding on the HOT note..i gave some of the batch i made to my sister who loves salsa...she loved it! But did need some ice water while eating it.

                        You both are pretty darn good with a camera too. I think chef chicklet has inspired me to start photographing my food too...hers are so professional looking!

                        I would love to share photos, just let me knwo which you want, I will send them your way. My email is now in my profile

                        1. re: jennisad

                          cc - he, he.....i did warn her about the heat....she will likely cut back quite a bit on the chili flakes. Also, I tried this recipe with Muirglen "no salt" tomato sauce this's a bit different than with others...but really good - maybe a touch richer in tomatoey-ness (new word), i think. Gives you a bit more control over the saltiness to. The salt varies SO much from brand to brand that at least with this you are starting out from scratch on the salt. I used it because it's what I happened to have, but I was happy with it.
                          Thank you for putting your address out there....I'll take you up on that and send you one soon! I am also inspired enough to start shooting some food pics as well!

                          1. re: THenderson

                            ok now. we want to keep mom happy.

                            This sauce can go in so many different directions. It is a great base or good on its own.