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Jun 18, 2007 09:11 PM

Visiting Central LI-need recs

Hello Everybody,

I'm a CA chowhound, and my husband, preschool-age son and I will be visiting my in-laws in Mt. Sinai for a few weeks. I'm looking for 2 different kinds of help.

1) My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary on the trip. We are looking for a restaurant that is within about 20 mins of Mt. Sinai. We would love something fancy/exciting/yummy (yummy being the most important). I'm pretty adventurous, but my hubby is less so. We'd like a place that we can go early (5:30 or 6), and we need to be able to make a reservation. We have a time window (including drive time) of about 2 or hours until we need to go back (where the in-laws will be babysitting) and get the little one to sleep.

2) Chowish restaurants for eating (with our son) while we are there. Within 30 or so minutes of Mt. Sinai is preferable. If there are any that are healthy-ish, that would be nice, but not essential.

Thanks so much (ahead of time!) for any help you can give!


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  1. For your anniversary, two places that are just about 20 minutes east of Mount Sinai, both in Wading River:

    La Plage, exquisite food and a view of the Sound
    Michael Anthonys, no view but cutting edge cuisine.

    Both high end but relaxed.