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Jun 18, 2007 09:05 PM

Anything decent in Gatlinburg?

This may be a silly question, but the last posting on Gatlinburg was back in 2005. I'm going to be spending a couple of days there (somewhat against my will) and was hoping that something approaching interesting food might have sprung up in the last two years.

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  1. Alas, the postings are not in order of "most recent first". You must work for it. Check this out. It is much more recent.

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      OMG! There's a Peddlar! I haven't eaten in a Peddlar since college. It was the first salad bar I ever laid eyes on, and I thought I'd found heaven. We'll have to eat there, just for the nostalgia factor. My son-in-law will love having the meat cut at the table, too (he's from Lithuania and grew up lucky to get any meat- everything is a new experience for him, which makes it much more fun for the rest of us) I'll also try some of the other suggestions people made.

    2. We had an great lunch at a place called Mamaw's Place, just outside of Gatlinburg/Sevierville a few years back. The woman had just bought the place and it was a meat and three place. Best meatloaf I've had. Great beans and I forget what else I had. It was all home cooked.
      She was planning on changing the name though so you may have to ask around. I believe it was on 441 just outside town.


      PS, I think the womans name was Juanita