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Jun 18, 2007 08:51 PM

Jamaican patties

My son is desperate for Jamaican patties and I am eager to please him. Does anyone know where I might find them?

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  1. costco used to carry frozen jamaican meat patties that were pretty decent. i'm sure they don't hold a candle to fresh or homemade, but still and all they weren't bad.

    1. Last time I was home to visit the folks in Houston, I drove across town to pick up a dozen. We had them at every family gathering growing up, and so I crave them like crazy. Next time I go to Houston, I can pick you up a dozen...

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        What are these patties you guys are talking about? I am curious and they sound great. Geryon, where in Houston do you find them?


        1. re: Aggiegirl1998

          Aggiegirl, these are little meat pies. The dough is usually a yellow cornmeal with curry and is flakey on the outside and kinda doughy on the inside (from the meat juices). The filling that's most popular is beef, but it comes with chicken and other meats. It's usually got onions and garlic minced and often has curry added to the meat mixture as well.

          1. re: amysuehere

            Yum, they sound awesome. Thanks for the explanation!

      2. The frozen section at Fiesta would be the first place to check. I'm fairly certain I have seen Jamacian items there.

        1. There is a fabulous recipe for these in a book titled "Jamaica (Authentic Recipes from the Jewel of the Caribbean) - periplus books - by John DeMers. I find that these are VERY easy to make and home made is so much better than store bought, chemicalized ones. Incidentally, although these are called "Jamaican" they are Haitian in origin. The crust is a curry-powder infused puff pastry (butter and flour with a tiny tiny bit of soda water), and the filling is a spicy hamburg and breadcrumb filling. Some people splash on hot sauce for more heat. Goes very well with tea (milk & sugar) or ginger beer or shandy (ginger beer and beer - half and half).

          1. you might have to order them i grew up on them but when i moved from ny i couldnt find them then i started to order them from goldenkrust they have the best but the shipping cost more than the patties