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Jun 18, 2007 08:30 PM

Anyone know where to buy Kosher Mole?

I'm looking everywhere to find a jar of prepared mole with a hechsher. I've heard that you can buy them in Mexico, but what about online? Or in the LA area? What are the brand names of mole that have hechshers?

Thanks :)

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  1. What a great cross-cultural/cross-religious request! A reason I enjoy CH.

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      Thanks! I hope somebody out there can help. I just found CH, I'm so excited to find other foodies out there!

      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        I have never seen any with hechschers. Maybe you could make your own? There are some simple recipes on the web for it.

      2. Zahabi is a certified kosher Mole according to For a list of other Kosher products from Mexico:

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            Not all Kosher Mexican products have a hecksher on the label, eventhough these are certified and published in a book with the community. Mole "Dona Maria" is the easiest brand to find in the states, with the only problem that it is dairy. You may find also mole "La Costena", pareve that has the VK-aleph-aleph hecksher. Another good one is the brand "Mayordomo" that doesn't have a hecksher on the label but it is definetely certified by VK-aleph-aleph. The first 2 brands I mention can be found in a MExican grocery store or some times in the Mexican/Latin section of your supermarket. Good luck.

        1. If you're STILL looking, after those last few great answers, I have one lead. Smokey Joes, a kosher Tex-Mex restaurant in Teaneck, NJ, serves Mole dishes. The owner is a very nice guy. I'm sure one phone call will be all it takes to find out where he gets his Mole. Or if he makes his own, maybe he bottles it for sale!

          1. I have a simple recipe for mole that is easy, one pan and takes about 30 minutes. It is easy to do kosher, as I have done it for my inlaws. If you want the recipe, please let me know.

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            1. re: lakamen

              I don't believe mole can be kosher, as it doesn't chew its cud.

              1. re: KosherKing

                You do know that mole is a sauce made from dry chilli peppers, chocolate, seeds and other veggie ingredients, right ?

              2. re: lakamen

                Would love to have the recipe, if it is not too much trouble for you to post. TIA

                1. re: paprkutr

                  Here is one if you are brave enough to make it from scratch:


                  For a quick fix, you can buy mole "Dona Maria" wherever they have Mexican groceries and dilute the paste with half chicken broth, half tomato puree, and add some additional bittersweet chocolate and sugar to taste (this is much better than just adding water as it says on the jar). Add the liquid to the paste slowly stiring to avoid lumps, and then stir constantly at low heat to avoid burning it at the bottom.

                  Enjoy !!

                  1. re: mexicanjl

                    I just checked the Trader Joes website, and they do not list mole on their kosher list, but it might be worth a visit.

                    1. re: normalheightsfoodie

                      I saw TJ's mole once but it didn't have a hecksher.

              3. HI All
                I bought in Mexico "La Costena" still trying to work out how to verify the hechsher, i can not geth through to the VK hechsher,
                any one has any ideas
                much appreciated

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                1. re: shas1

                  Check out (Rabbi Eidlitz). He's reliable. I'd like to know what he says about the VK Aleph-Aleph hechsher.

                  Incidentally, practically all of the large supermarkets in the New York City area have a Mexican section that carries "La Costena" Mole - both the brown and green varieties!

                  Many years ago there was a glatt kosher Mexican restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY that served chicken mole... it was muy delicioso; I don't believe I've seen that dish in any other kosher restaurants.



                  1. re: midasgold

                    WHile I know that everyone needs to check out Hasgachas with their own rabbinical oversight authority, the VK - Alef Alef is the ashkenazi Vaad in Mexico and routinely recognized in my experience. That said, I believe that the mole's may be dairy. If accurate, this would hamper thier use in the traditional applications.

                    1. re: midasgold

                      thank you for your answer , im trying to see how i can verify that they are on the VK - Alef Alef, as the website does not see to be working

                      1. re: shas1

                        Mole La Costenia does no longer have the VK-aleph-aleph in their new jars. If you find one, it is probably an older batch. This one is parve. Donia Maria's brand does not have a written heksher on the label but it's certified kosher, but it's dairy (due to machine, not ingredient). The other one parve and VK-a-a certifed is Mayordomo, but this is more difficult to find in the US.

                        1. re: mexicanjl

                          HI MexicanJl
                          thank you for replying, however im still a bit confused is Mole La Costenia kosher, even though the hechsher is not on the jar?
                          Much appreciated

                          1. re: shas1

                            DId anyone ever find a way to get in touch with the VK Aleph Aleph? I tried their website and two emails and got nothing. Any Ideas?

                            1. re: shas1

                              Hi Shas1,
                              Unfortunately I'm no longer sure. It used to be, but the fact that it used to have the hecksher and it now doesn't, makes me wonder if it lost the certification due to not passing the last supervision, or just because of not paying the fee for the supervision. I have no access to their latest published list of supervised products. If you find a jar with the VK-a-a it is probably an older batch and it would be safe to assume that it was still kosher.