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Jun 18, 2007 08:27 PM

Larkin's finally open!

Official opening is this Tuesday, June 19.

First week they are only going to be open Tue-Thur for lunch and dinner, but start more expanded hours after this week.

After having sampled their private dinner, I'm really looking forward to the full menu.

Go and give it a try ... I know I'll be there.

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  1. no menu online yet... what's it all about?

    (hooray for eagle rock!)

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      1. re: amandine

        Southern food or soul food - see Sunday's West mag for their description. This place has been a work in progress since the beginning of the year, seemingly like all places in the Eagle Rock area - what's with those people in the building/zoning/abc depts. They just do not want to see southern food served in a non-southern community?!
        Just a question.

        1. re: carter

          Goin to Larkins tonight and can't wait to see what the place has to offer. Is it still BYOB?

          1. re: jocey

            Yes, BYOB...but keep in mind, if you have a preference for stemware, bring your own..they only have those 1/2 pint jelly jars that aren't my fav if I bring a nice wine...I usually have just brought a couple of Reidel O Tumblers in their duo boxes...they travel well, carry a wine perfectly passed your lips and still give your nose a hint of what's to come.
            You can pick some up at Silverlake Wine and they will also be happy to help you pick a wine that will go with the menu...they've been wonderful with pairing each time I've gone to Larkins...keep in mind, the food is wonderfully seasoned and can pack a spicey punch...ah, the greens are amazing so bring something refreshing...and don't forget, beer is always a good match with fried chicken and catfish...we've brought everything from Sancere, Pinot Blanc, Sav Blanc, Viogner, to Petite Syrah, Syrah, Malbec, and Pinot's all good.
            Eat Well and Enjoy!

            1. re: tatertotsrock

              Red Carpet Wine carries those too. I'm pretty sure they have the same set up as Silverlake Wine. They're just a little closer to my side of Eagle Rock. Unfortunately, I did not go to Larkins. When I called to get information on corkage and set a reservation, the person on the other end said "things are hectic right now." In short, I didn't make reservations and went to cafe beaujolais instead. I'm going to hold off dinner at larkins for another week. I wouldn't want a lack of organization to spoil an opportunity of good eating.

              1. re: jocey

                Hi Jocey,
                I didn't know your location but another good bet Is Colorado Wine Co on Colorado just a hint west of where Larkins is.
                I am sure Red Carpet is fine, but CWco and SLwine are wonderful neighborhood stops that specialize in boutique wines and they are very familiar with Larkins menu too...the owners ate there quite a bit when they held the tastings...they also have helped them with the wine on many occaisions.
                So sorry to hear about the "hectic" thing, when I was having lunch, I heard that the guy who usually does the phone work (I think he's one of the partners) just lost his mom the day before and he flew home...ugg, get a permit to open your place and lose a loved one...ugg. I can't wait to hear about what you think once you go.
                How was cafe beaujolais? I've never had the guts to dine there alone, it looks pretty date-y. What did you have?

                1. re: tatertotsrock

                  COLORADO WINE CO. is a great. great, tight selection. very knowledgeable. nice vibe.

                  1. re: tatertotsrock

                    Colorado Wine is fantastic. I've been there a couple of times to shop and a couple of more times for their tastings (which in my opinion are better and cheaper than RCW).
                    I'd hate to take the focus off of Larkins, but at CB I had roasted duck breast in a kurrant sauce. It was really good. I'd have it again. If you going alone, I suggest you dine outside. I've seen people do that before.
                    So, I think I'm ordering the onion rings at Larkins. Any other suggestions?

                    1. re: jocey

                      Hello jocey,
                      Oh, I love those little, tastey onion rings...I really enjoyed the the Meatloaf Sandwhich, I was at SLW last night and Randy told me that he and April went for luch and got the Catfish PoBoy and really liked it...I saw it and it looked so good.
                      I say try anything that tickles your fancey and I'm sure it will be good...but you better let all of us know what you think so we'll know what to try next time....don't forget the potato salad...YUM.

            2. re: carter

              Open a can of worms when you open a restaurant at a site where it wasn't a restaurant before. In this case, it was a used car lot. Different uses, different requirements.

              1. re: Pitchman

                Looking forward to nouveau hush puppies! anything like that on the menu? (exactly.. can we spell parking variance?).

                1. re: Local

                  Oooh, I've never seen hush puppies on the menu, but oh, that would be so you know of any places that serve good ones in about a 20 mile radius of Eagle Rock...I want some now.
                  They do have some amazing mini corn good and buttery...mmm.

                  1. re: tatertotsrock

                    Haven't really been looking recently, so hopefully someone else can help...Big Mama's Ribs on N. Lake in Pasadena has them, but only eaten the takeout version and they definitely lose something in I'm thinking about deep-fried sour dills, too!

            3. YIPPEEE!!!!!!!

              Just got back from my first lunch at Larkins...mmm.
              Had the Meat Loaf Sandwich...ahhh.
              A tad bit on the spicey side, but I like a little pain with my pleasure...had my nose running a little but the flavor was still amazing...the roll it was on was dreamy and the texture of the meatloaf was exactly what I'll be dreaming of for days to come.
              There was gentleman, also dining solo, who was kind enough to share his side of onion rings with me...geepers, I love those little rings...kinda tangy, light and crispy, what more could you ask for...except, more.
              He told me that his catfish po boy was really good...I'm sure it was since I've had the catfish at a few of the private tasting dinners a few months ago. He also said that the soup of the day was really good...I've had Rick's soups before and the stocks are always rich and delicious so I doubt the guy exaggerated.
              I also had potato salad-also had it before and just as good as always.
              I was hoping for there to be some dessert on the menu cuz a fresh fruit tart or their strawberry-red-velvet-shortcake would have been a perfect ending to a perfect lunch on this summery day.
              Oh, first time having something other than wine with my meal...I ordered the Fruit Punch...WOW...super can taste fresh watermelon and all kinds of refreshing fruit-goodness...I'll try the fresh squeuzes myer-lemonade next time...maybe I'll get really crazy and ask them to mix 'em together.
              I hope this place does well cuz I need some more good tid bits on my side of town.
              Only one suggestion I hope they'll get, 1/2 sandwhich plus 1/2 salad or soup would be a great option for solo diners also, I want the Warm tomato salad on the lunch menu...yum.

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              1. re: tatertotsrock

                Yeah, the potato salad is something else. Do you recall what the soup of the day was?

                Thanks for the report.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Hi IPSEDIXIT,
                  It was a vegetable soup, I think...he dropped a carrot that looked bright and fresh, that's when I asked him about the soup and he said it was really really good.
                  I can't wait to hear what you think about the full menu..have you tried their brunches... Oh My Stars!!! Now that's some good eatin'!!!

              2. what is the decor / atmosphere of this place? decent place to take guest or is it very casual?

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                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    thanks but never been there either :)

                  2. re: rickym13

                    Casual in a craftsman-style building.

                    1. re: rickym13

                      When we've been there for the evening Tastings, there was always a great mix of people...some on dates with girls all dolled up and the guys looking pretty snazzy...the room is so pretty at night that no one looks overdressed.
                      Then you've got the locals/neighbors, comfy and one looks underdressed or sloppy because the place has a very homey, welcoming snooty-pants people giving attitude.I would say take a I was leaving lunch yesterday, there were two ladies celebrating something, with flowers and a card and pictures and it was obvious they were loving the place...I heard one lady say how pretty it was.
                      Pretty much, wherrever there is good food and good company, your guest will be happy.
                      I'd say dinner would have the more special vibe...the dim lighting and music is really nice.

                      1. Are they doing brunch this Sunday?

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                        1. re: adevejian

                          I called and got a message that due to a family emergency they will be closed until next week.