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Hill Country Tidbit

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After reading about Hill Country BBQ a week ago, I felt compelled to mention the joint to a friend of mine who's from Lockhart, TX. It was the first time he had heard about the place, despite the fact that he's apparently family friends with just about everyone involved with the restaurant. After a few back-and-forths via e-mail, he just sent me the following:

"My parents saw half of Lockhart at a wedding this past weekend and have shared even more info...my parents tell me that Ricky Schmidt (the owner of Kreuz) has actually passed on some of the trade secrets to Glosserman as well as gone up to New York to give the operation a once over and actually approves. He's always been a real hard ass...in fact he has been known to actually run customers out of Kreuz after they asked where the sauce was."

So, there you go. I know the buzz around here is pretty solid already, but I figured that was still worth sharing.

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  1. Good nugget of info. Thanks for sharing.

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      Good to hear. I was planning on visiting Hill Country our first night in NYC (Wed.) I am really looking forward to trying it out. We have some decent BBQ here in the Los Angeles area, but I am always interested in trying out different styles of BBQ.

    2. BBQ joint with no pulled pork -- enough said

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        "...no pulled pork." Damn right, enough said!

        This place has direct links to Lockhart. If NYC can get within pissing distance of the glory of Kreuz brisket we'll all be lucky. This will be a test. No need to muck it up.

        No NC/SC pulled pork need apply - not that I don't love it. But I don't go to Eldridge street noodle joints for Pho. Apples and oranges, my friend in chow.

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          I was there this Sunday and was tod that Hill Country smokes their brisket lower and slower than Kreutz. Whatever they're doing, it's working, because it's the best sliced brisket flat I've ever tasted.

          Check these photos and start drooling:

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            could it be true? In NY? FINALLY?????
            I guess I'm there Friday!

      2. Also Robbie was the pitmaster at BBQ-NYC for the last 3 years. Last year he won the open chicken category at the Kansas City Royal

        1. OK- I finally went last night. Wore my Kreutz Market t-shirt from my visit to Lockhart last month to show my cred. Owner immediately came to chat and make sure I wasn't a spy or observer from the mothership. Place was mobbed on a Wednesday but they gave me a meal ticket right away and found me a table near the bar up front. I immediately headed for the meat slicers. My shirt continued to get me VIP treatment but the pitmaster apologized profusely that they had just sold out of prime rib which had been the surprise highlight of my visit to Kreutz. Otherwise the place really had the Kreutz feeling to it. The smoke pits, the wood, everything looked like a mini-version of Kreutz. The ultimate test was the brisket, "moist" aka fatty, of course (don't understand people who order anything "lean" aka tasteless) and the owner confirmed that the jalapeno sausages were imported directly from Kreutz. Down to the butcher paper and lack of bbq sauce (don't need it they say), the brisket was the real McCoy! Add sweet iced tea, a bottle of Big Red soda, live music downstairs with no cover (Harlem Blues Project) and you've got an authentic winner. Gotta go back for the prime rib though.

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            Just went back for lunch. Holy $%^&*%! The prime rib was amazing. As good as Kreutz, not to mention Keens, Ben Benson's and Wollensky's! The Blue Bell ice cream took me back to Texas and even the cokes are imported from Mexico where they're made with cane sugar not fructose corn syrup crap like in the good ole' US of A. Finished with a juicy pork chop. RUB, Blue Smoke, Dinosaur- get outta town. Will still go to Daisy May's for Perry's Bowl O' Red chili though. Was speaking to the pit master at hill Country-Big Lou. They are really trying to get everything authentic from Lockhart. Great place-highly recommended.

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              They do have BBQ sauce, though, but you have to ask for it, right? And they sell it up front. Not like the fatty brisket needs it!


            2. Two words: Brisket Moist

              I find myself at this place once a week since I was brought there. It's probably unhealthy to be stuffing slice after slice of brisket, prime rib (ooooh the prime rib...) and Kreuz sausages into my poor little stomache, but I just can't help myself.

              Just came back from there an hour ago, come to think of it. The manager was there tonight going around shaking everyone's hand and getting some feedback. Very classy, for a Texan. ;) Gotta say though, the brisket moist didn't have the same umph as usual... something lacking in the rub. But, that's the first time. Everyone in my party last week melted over the brisket moist. Not so much over the chicken though...

              -HC Addict.