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Looking for breakfast in Charlotte, NC!

I just moved to Charlotte and I cannot find a really good breakfast place. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I lived in Charlotte for 10 years and constantly made the same comment. Andersons (now closed) and the Pancake House was where everybody seemed to go and neither cut it for me.

    Le Peep out in the Arboretum was about the best I found but it was not really what I was looking for.

    1. What kind of place do you want, and where? Uptown, Embers at the Westin is my favorite splurge breakfast. John's Country Kitchen in Plaza-Midwood and Coffee Cup would be my favorite down-home breakfast places. And I've heard Lulu does a great weekend brunch, but I haven't been because I hardly ever have time to go out on a weekend morning.

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        I am really looking for an inexpensive casual kind of place that has really good food. Location wise, I live in North Charlotte, but I would be willing to drive if it were worth it. Where is Lulu?

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          Since you live in North Charlotte, you might try Lava Bistro in University. Not bad small buffet type.

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            on central ave in Plaza Midwood, 28205 zip code..or visit www.luludinewine.com

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            My younger sister and I live in Marin County, CA and took a trip to North Carolina to visit our middle sister. Based on this review we hunted down John's Country Kitchen in Plaza-Midwood. It was everything I had hoped for. Great southern breakfast menu, real grits, sweet tea and friendly. Locals brought in their own vine ripe tomatoes to have cut. The place felt like something out of the past.

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              I have to give kudo's to John's Country Kitchen. I visited Charlotte for the first time this week and based on the above post, decided to head to John's. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. The bonus was that while sitting at the counter, the current owner (Jimmy, John's son) shared the history of the place with me as he cooked. Their building is over 100 years old and the recipes used today are the same that John's wife (Jimmy's mom) brought over from Greece. In addition to the great food and the history lesson, Jimmy insisted I try a few items I had not ordered - a pancake and a slice of country ham - free of charge, just because he wanted to share with me how tasty they were. I've never bothered to write a review for a restaurant before, but the great food combined with Jimmy's great service forced me to share this! Jimmy tried to convince me to come back for lunch to have his pork chop special, and if I did not have to fly back home I would have taken him up on the offer! Next time I am in Charlotte, I know where I am heading for breakfast or lunch (they're not open for dinner).

            2. You mean nobody has told you about The Coffee Cup yet? Its downtown a few blocks west of the stadium. Its the best place for breakfast and lunch in town. Opens early and closes at 3:00 I think.

              Next best place in town for breakfast is Diamond's over near Plaza Midwood then comes Hugo's on South Blvd if they're still open.

              Since you're new to town, a great place for dinner that nobody will tell you about is The Ranch House on Wilkinson for great steaks and the world's best shrimp cocktail in an authentic 50's style steakhouse.

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                The coffee cup sounds great! Thank you for the advice, I will definitely have to try that one the next time I get a chance!

              2. The best place is Fenwicks! It's a TINY hole in the wall and it's not open on Sunday, but they have the best food (and great muffins).

                1. Try the Landmark on Central Avenue, just east of Kilborne Ave. Been there for about 20 yeasr. They are always busy.They make a great french ytoast w/challah bread. Don't miss the great display case of homemade treats as you enter.

                  1. Definitely Fenwick's and Eddie's Place! but then again, i love the pancake house...

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                      I have always enjoyed the pancake house myself, but I do find it expensive. I forgot about Eddie's Place, I have eaten there and there and I enjoyed it...i will have to go back.

                    2. Here's another vote for The Coffee Cup. I also like Lola's at 7th & North Tryon--it's a cafeteria-style place but delicious.

                      The Coffee Cup
                      914 S Clarkson St, Charlotte, NC 28208

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                        Tell me more about Lola's, I have read some very interesting mixed reviews. What do you think about the portion sizes compared to the prices of their dishes?

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                          I was there today for lunch. I had bbq, 2 sides (mac & cheese, rice & gravy), and cornbread plus a drink for 8.41. It was a plateful and plenty for me (I'm 225 lbs and a big eater). Other options included meatloaf, fried chicken, cabbage, black-eyed peas, green beans, corn--typical comfort food and the same price for a meat+2 type meal.

                          I haven't been there for recently for breakfast, but I don't remember it being unreasonably pricey for the portion size. On the other hand, I don't remember it being particularly cheap either. I guess I'd call the pricing fair.

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                            oh ok i don't find that unreasonable either. thanks for responding back to me!

                      2. It's Sunday morning and I got to this site because once again I am hungry and wanting a hot breakfast.
                        Zada Jane's on Central has great, organic breakfast all day. They are always busy, but a great neighborhood feel.
                        Tic Toc on Tryon St near 8th has reopened under new owners. The food is very good, prices reasonable. They are open on Saturdays now and planning on Sundays soon. Can't wait as we don't have a lot of options for an affordable, quick breakfast around this side of town.
                        Usually, I end up getting a fabulous pastry from Nova's on Central (in Plaza Midwood ) and bringing it home to enjoy... they cannot be beaten for scones, muffins, breads, coffees, etc.

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                          I finally made it out to The Waldhorn for Sunday brunch - $15 per person, a little on the pricey side for a buffet, but totally worth it. Breakfast fare was not the biggest presence, but included made to order omlettes & amazing cheese grits. Most of the food was more lunch (or even dinner) oriented, and pretty heavy, but it is German, afterall. They offered a carving station w/ herb crusted roast beef, varied sausage, red cabbage, spaetzel, etc... The desserts offered were maybe 8 different varieties? The spectrum of food was too much too sample, but it was overall pretty great and so filling that I went back home for a 3 hour nap. It weirdly felt like we were having breakfast with a room full of American tourists in a German hotel. Fun!

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                            Zada Janes and Nova are two winners. Please don't forget Eddie's Place - both locations - one in Ballantyne and the other in Cotswold.

                          2. Try Toast Cafe! There is one in Huntersville and another in Davidson. Best breakfast in Charlotte

                            1. The Coffee Cup just reopened at Highland Mills in NoDa, same place where Alive is. Same owners, staff, etc. I personally haven't been yet but those I know who have say it is just as good as it was in the old location.

                              1. Zada Jane's is my favorite in Charlotte.