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Jun 18, 2007 07:33 PM

Places to eat near McPherson Square Station

We're visiting DC for a few days and we're looking for suggestions for places to eat within walking distance of McPherson Square Station, or convenient via the metro. We'll be visiting with younger (somewhat adventurous) diners, so suggestions for places that are family friendly, good and relatively inexpensive would be welcome. We're also interested in suggestions for a good Ethiopian restaurant.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. There are a bunch of really good restaurants in that area. How young are the children that will be with you? That might depend on whether or not these restaurants are appropriate.

    But you are near Ceiba which is really good Latin Fusion food with a great bar area. Also there is Zola which I think especially teenagers would be in to...and adults alike. It's right next to the spy museum and has a very cool James Bond-esque decor going on. I haven't been since the new chef was hired but I've been told its still really good.

    Chef Geoff's is near by and certainly family-friendly. The food is good...nothing spectacular but there is outdoor seating which is always night and a menu that has something for everyone.

    If you are into sushi and Japanese food you are near Wasabi which is inexpensive.

    And finally there is Acadiana which has gourmet cajun/southern cuisine. I love this restaurant...especially the biscuits and deviled eggs trio.

    These are all near McPhearson Square. There of course are a ton of other options depending on where you are willing to travel and the type of cuisine you want.

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      Georgia Brown's, the Southern restaurant, is located a half block from the Vermont Avenue exit to the McPherson Square station.

    2. I used to work near the White House exit for McPherson Square -- Georgia Brown, Olives, Bobby Van's are all within a block of that exit. About four blocks down Eye St. is Kaz Sushi Bistro which is the best sushi restaurant in the DC area (IMHO). On the 14th St. side of McPherson Square, you're a block away from Toscany West and DC Coast, and next to DC Coast on K St. is Bangkok One, a great little hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant.

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        I ate at Olives on Friday and expected to just have mediocre food...but it was awesome. Great sangria. I really liked it.

        For less money for breakfast/lunch - juice joint! The best!