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Jun 18, 2007 07:05 PM

53rd & 6th type platters in Brooklyn?

I am looking for a chicken & lamb "platter" similar to the style you would get from the famous street cart in Manhattan. Looking for something somewhere in downtown brooklyn...

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  1. Across from the movie theater on Court Street (the one north of Atlantic).

    And, if you're in midtown late at night, try 49th and 6th. I'd been going to them for months before I even knew about the 53rd guys. I finally got around to trying them (53rd), and I found their food to be flavorless and the chicken tough. The overly sweet hot (mild) sauce didn't help me out much. I like 49th a lot better.

    The quick spread of this cuisine through Manhattan, and soon the rest of America, warrants some kind of scholarly dissertation.