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Jun 18, 2007 06:36 PM

Indian Lunch near Ikea in Emeryville?

Meeting family at Ikea in Emeryville on Friday, want to have lunch and beat the traffic heading home. Suggestions for Indian, especially South Indian, close as possible to Ikea? Everyone's already driving 2+ hours to get to Ikea, so hoping not to go too far for lunch.

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  1. lots of Indian places near San Pablo Ave and University Ave (2 exits north of IKEA).

    Or there's Vik's or an Indian food stand inside the Public Market.

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      To clarify, Vik's is not inside the public market, it is off the University Ave exit in Berkeley. It is at 4th and either Allston or Addison, I can never remember.

      University Ave in Berkeley is sort of the epicenter of Indian food in Berkeley. Udupi Palace is South Indian, it is vegetarian and has dosas galore. It is at University and I think Martin Luther King, right on the NE corner of the intersection, two exits up the freeway from Ikea and about 5 min east on University Ave. Menu is below, note, the Berkeley location does NOT have a buffet.

      Inside the food court in Emery Bay public market, there is an Indian place which is one of many food counters. Don't know if it is South Indian, it is not exciting food but is edible.

      1. re: Louise

        Vik's is on Allston between fourth and fifth in Berkeley.

        Vik's Chaat House
        2390 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

    2. Khana Peena Indian Cuisine 5326 College Avenue, Oakland,
      Very pleasant surroundings and quality lunch buffet $10.

      Just drive up and down 40th street to Ikea

      Just in case you go to Viks.

      Be warned:

      Viks has the ambiance of a clean gas station.

      Good food at good prices ,however its really not as cheap as everyone says.

      By the time you order a few different items for variety and a drink your still out $10-12 for lunch.

      1. Khana Khazana, around 43rd and San Pablo, is quite tasty. It's not South Indian, but they do have quite a number of tasty vegetarian options -- their lunch buffet only has two meat items (tandoori chicken and usually either a curry or butter chicken). It's just down the road from Ikea about ten blocks.