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Jun 18, 2007 06:35 PM

Romantic Anniversary Dinner - Hershey PA Area

Heading down to Hershey area for AAU basketball (girls) at the end of the month...It also happens to be our anniversary and I know that I can leave my daughter with some of the other parents so my wife and I can go celebrate...Where is the best place that I can take the best thing that ever happened to me for a romantic annivesary dinner? We are both food snobs (ie it has to be good!) to some degree but we both love food of just about any kind - But this has to be very special...Cost is not a problem....Thanks in advance....

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  1. I think the obvious choice would be the Hotel Hershey. Romantic setting and very good food.


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      It's about an hour away, but the Sheppard Mansion ( ) is a B&B that has great dining in Hanover PA. My wife and I went there for our anniversary in May and were suprised by the quality of the food, the service was impeccable and the Mansion is beautiful. The Accomac used to be our favorite place but their quality has slid. I've been to the round room at Hotel Hershey and I agree their food is very good but not as personal and romantic as the SM.

    2. The Hershey Pantry is also a great place----unusual atmosphere (that's a positive) and good food. It's a little more artsy (not sure if that's the right word) than the Hotel---one of my favorites.....