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Jun 18, 2007 05:42 PM

Plaza Garibaldi Rohnert Park

LA Plaza Garibaldi - 6650 Commerce Blvd

I stopped by this place - apparently Sunday is the day to get Barbacoa de Borrego if you are interested. Owner seemed very passionate about it - inquired whether maguey was utilized - I dont think so. Also - tlacoyos, pambazos, huaraches.

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  1. Good find... will have to check it out. Also... someone has to scope out La Parilla in Cotati as they specialize in Filipino & Mexican food... could be a potential gold mine. Exit Hwy 116 towards Sebastopol it should be in the first strip mall on the left (if you hit Stony Point you went WAAAY to far).

      1. re: kare_raisu

        Yeah, finally ... almost two years later.

        Maybe I just have eaten at one too many ... 'mom and pops' ... and this is the place I finally burnt out.

        I kept thinking there were good elements here, but I doublt I'll ever be back ... tho who knows ... maybe if I'm ever in the area on a Sunday, I might give the barbacoa a try,.

        The carnitas taco was actually nicely put together and larger than most. The price was more though at $1.99. The carnitas was dressed with a spicy red sauce. There was also cilantro and onions. It had that Mexican flag color theme going. The large and generous pieces of carnitas had a nice porky flavor but seemed slightly on the dry side.

        The tlacoyo looked almost exactly like this

        There was a thin filling of cheese, maybe queso fresca, inside the oblong shaped masa. The chopped nopales were a little charred which gave them a good flavor. There was also some grilled onions.

        For orders of $5 or more there were free chips and salsa. At first I thought the chips might be bagged because they had grill marks like some of the not so good bagged variety. However, it seems they actually grill these lightly before making into chips. What convinced me was the grease stains on the white bag. They are thick, crunchy chips. The nachos might be a good thing to order here.

        There were two red salsas, one that had a bitter note which I like and another that was a thicker tomato with a mild spice.

        I have nothing to complain about here. As mentioned there were good elements that intelectually I know I should have liked. I maybe need to lay off the small restaurants for a while. They man at the counter was really nice and helpful

        I did stop by the market next door, La Perla. I thought it was a larger market from driving by. The do have a nice meat counter and some mean deep red chorizo. There was also a plastic case of chicharron. They make lots of dips and salsas. I'm pretty sure the restaurant is owned by the same people as the restaurant.

        You do have to like Rohnert Park, though. While getting gas at the Chevron station, a rooster from the farm next door decided to stroll over with a few of his girls. He was looking really indignant that the cars seemed to be invading what he clearly thought was his territory. He wasn't agrressive, just giving everyone dirty looks.

        La Perla Market-La Plaza Garibaldi
        6650 Commerce Blvd, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

        1. re: rworange

          I found myself unexpectedly in this area on Sunday and didn't heed my own warning bells based on my previous visit.

          I ordered the lamb barbacoa and consome. This came in a clear fourth out of the four lamb barbecoas I've tried. I really like these people but their food just isn't to my taste.

          For $11 there was a styrofoam container of lamb with one section filled with chopped cilantro and the other with chopped onions. There was a large cup of consume, a bag of chips, two small containers of different red salsas, a larger container of green salsa, four slices of juiceless, dry limes and lots of heated tortillas wrapped in aluminum foil burrito-style.

          The best thing I've had at this place are the salsas which they make at the market next door. The green tomatillo salsa was new to me on this visit and was nicely spicy.

          The lamb was tender and seemed to have some red chili outside but it didn't translate to taste. It tasted like roasted lamb with no nuance from any spice.

          The real downfall here was the consume which tasted of nothing but salt. It was also medium spicy but it was hard to identify what spice because of all that salt. There was a little rice and a few garbanzos.

          Anyone who reads my posts knows I will jump through hoops to not throw food away. I tried lots of things here and nothing could overpower the saltiness. I had to finally toss it. It was just inedible.

          Mom's Cuisine is still the bright shining leader in this category. Mom's is the "Mine That Bird" of the barbacoa derby ... the winner by quite a wide margin

          San Pablo: Mom's Cuisine - the barbacoa crawl part 1 ... mmmmm .... lamb tacos

          Richmond: Sazon - the barbacoa crawl part 2

          SF: Nopalito - the end of the barbacoa crawl (part 3)