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Pimento Wood Chips?

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I'm planning on making some jerk chicken on the grill and I see a lot of recipes refer to pimento wood chips to add more authentic jerk flavor. Has anyone seen this locally? I know I could order it online, or just substitute some other wood chips for smoke, but if the real deal is close by, I'd like to give it a shot. Any idea?

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  1. You are going for real Boston Beach JA jerk authenticity, well done.

    I have looked in the past and could not locate any locally, you may want to check Brookline Ice and Coal as they have a broad selection of chips. I ended up soaking some whole allspice and making a tin foil pouch and using that for some smoke flavor, not sure it made a real difference given the strong flavors (and habaneros) in my marinade but it smelled great.

    1. How about calling some local Jamaican restaurants and asking them for ideas? I imagine they'd be happy to help. I googled Jamaican restaurants in the Boston area, and it appears there are many. Just a thought...

      Let us know-- now I'm intrigued about these pimento wood chips!

      1. The original comment has been removed