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Copper River Salmon YUM!!!

I had the most amazing salmon the other day which I cooked on my grill it was tender, and had soooo much flavor, and so little fat. Call me lazy but I love to eat out anyone know of any LA REST.... serving Copper River Salmon right now? I know they are only going to be available a few more weeks.


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  1. Just had it at Sakura on Centinela on saturday. The salmon sushi was delicious, but the kama (collar) was pretty over-cooked, and not fatty enough.

    1. I had some at Mastro's Ocean Club on Saturday night. Way delicious!! They might have it Mastro's Steakhouse?

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        I dined there just a couple of nights ago at their Beverly Hills location and they had Copper River salmon. The waiter said that it was only available for a couple of weeks only though, anything after the next few weeks it'll be fresh frozen.

      2. Spaghettini's in Seal Beach has Copper River Salmon every year, and does a pretty good job with it.

        Just a few days ago I was at McCormick and Schmick for an office lunch, and they also had it on the menu. I didn't have that dish, but M & S tends to do a pretty good job with nearly everything, as well.

          1. La Cachette in WLA. Had it last Thursday night. Fabulous!

            1. Had it last weekend at Captain Jack's in Sunset Beach. The salmon itself was prepared simply (seasoned w/ salt & pepper and grilled to rare, just as I asked for it), but really - that's a dish I can make myself equally well. When I spend $30+ dollars on an entree, I'd like it to be something I can't create at home.

              1. I had Copper River salmon at McCormick and Schmick's last Friday. It was sauteed with a mushroom sauce and I asked for it to be cooked rare. A very good piece of fish.

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                  I work like right down the street this is perfect !!!!!!!!

                2. Bellyworth heard that Houston's in Pasadena is serving it. You might want to check the other locations SM, CC or MB if they are closer.

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                    My friend lives near here ill be sure to check it out.

                  2. And for those of us in the mood to cook, where did you buy the salmon that you grilled?

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                      whole foods carries it. just picked me up some for tonite - first time i tried it was in seattle - WOW

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                        Copper River is some good salmon, but if you happen to come across the Yukon salmon, that's the real deal. Some Seattlites know how to procure a bit of this superior fish before Japan snatches up the entire catch for the year.

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                        Santa Monica Seafood (12th and Colorado, SM) had Copper River salmon recently, though I don't know if they have any now. Expensive, though -- in the $30/lb range.

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                          Whole foods. I'm picking up a piece of two tonight ;).

                          Gonna use a a spicy hawian marinade.