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Jun 18, 2007 04:59 PM

best beef to make your own burger

what cut of beef is best for grinding (or having ground) into meat for burgers? any suggestions, prefs?

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  1. A chuck/sirloin combo is good....Chuck is fatty and keeps it moist, sirloin brings texture and flavor..........

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      That's the combination chef Nancy Silverton uses, in proportions which she does not divulge. However, her mixture is available at Huntington Meats in the LA Farmer's Market, if you're in that neighborhood...

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        Alas, I'm not....I guess I'll just have to eat alot of hamburgers till I get it right..Rats! LOL

    2. As backyardChef said, a nice fatty cut is good for moistness and beef fat has some flavor, Chuck is good. You'll hear a lot of people saying Chuck is the best but the flavor is not that intense thus, adding the sirloin as backyardChef said is brilliant. Sirlion is delicious but really lean, you'll have to work a bit to get the right ratio.

      1. I used to make my burgers with all chuck...but lately I noticed that the flavour wasn't there. When I mixed it with sirloin it was always spot on. The chuck makes the hamburger moist and juicy but doesn't lend enough flavour. THat's where the sirloin comes into play

        1. No single cut works as well as the combo that you can get from a good butcher. My favorite shop will throw in some trimmings from veal chops and hanger steaks. I suspect that with advance notice.inquiries they would sell you the mix atg a competitive price if you explained that you wanted little bits of stuff to test out our own new grinder - OTOH if you did not approach them right them might be offended that you didn't trust their grinder...

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            thanks for the hint, but i'm going to pass on adding veal...and there's no need for me to announce to the butcher what my plans are, grinding up your own chopped beef isn't as rare an event as you'd think. i just want hints on the best cut or cuts to utilize for a better than average tasting burger. thanks