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Jun 18, 2007 04:55 PM

Sanders hot fudge; Detroit

I am originally from Michigan and grew up with Sanders hot fudge. I know the company still exists in Detroit but can anyone help with a location where I can buy it locally in the DC/Baltimore area. At one time Safeway carried their products including cakes but that era is long gone. I have a relative in this week from out of town and we both are wishing for a sweet tast from our past.

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  1. this is the best fudge i've ever had. You can order form the website

    1. I too grew up with Sanders Hot Fudge, ah memories! I have never seen it here in the 10 years I have lived in DC. All of the Sander's stores I knew of in MI had closed but they opened one by my fathers house last year, so I snagged a jar in December and again last month. I would recommend ordering it online, it is as good as you remember!

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        I'm another former Detroiter and haven't had Sander's for a couple of years. it is the best hot fudge! I can't wait to order some.
        thanks for the memories!

      2. Yep -- I've seen it online but not locally. I'm another Detroiter and Sanders fan, but I think my most vivid Sanders memory is of getting water in the cone-shaped paper cups in fancy holders.

        -- Bill (Ferndale, 1962-1964; Madison Heights, 1964-1979; grateful that nobody is calling it "Saunders")

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          When you go to, you can put in your zip code and find all the local stores that carry it. ACO hardware stores carries it for $5.99 (the cheapest of all the stores) and routinely goes on sale for $3.99, but their is usually a limit.

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            Which page has the local stores? I coudn't find it. Btw, the link above doesn't work on my browser. Just erase the comma at the end, and you'll get through.

            1. re: crowsonguy

              I found the page where you can search for stores. It's not where you'd expect. But a search in this area only yielded a caterer in Shirlington. I doubt that you could walk in there and buy a bottle of the sauce.

              Try it yourself:

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. You're right, it is the best fudge in the world. Harrod's in London carries it, and they only have the best. I recall seeing Sander's fudge in a place like Dean & Deluca in Georgetown at one point or it could have been Berlucchi's. Your best bet would to call around to local gourmet stores or call/email the company directly about retail shops in the area. Why don't you order it online?