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Budget-minded dining near Fenway Park

Help! we are Chicago area Chowhounds headed for a weekend in Boston in July (We won a trip that includes staying at the Radisson Hotel and tickets to a Red Sox /White Sox game. We will be on a very tight budget but will be on our own for all meals. We are eager for suggestions about restaurants in the general area. We love fish/seafood and most ethnic cusine, but are game for any recommendations (that we be easy to get to!) for both dinners and breakfasts. Thanks for your input!

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  1. Trattoria Toscana in the Fenway for your inexpensive but "splurge" meal for Italian.

    Cheap burritos and tacos at El Pelon also in the Fenway.

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      Ditto - the el Pelon burritos will fill you up for $5. Brown Sugar Thai is also good (on Jersey st). On Peterborough St, I also like Rod Dee, the Greek place is ok, but can't wholeheartedly recommend Umi.

    2. La Verdad outside Fenway for burritos or a torta. You can bring it into a game with you too! A much more satisfying way to spend $6-8 than on just one or two hot dogs (though some will argue that hot dogs are essential to a baseball game).

      1. UBurger in Kenmore Square for great fast food (awesome chicken sandwiches and fries).

        1. Audubon Circle on Beacon is very good for the money. My only gripe is they never change the menu. It's about a 10 minute walk from Fenway Park.

          1. Also on Peterborough St. in the Fenway - I really like Rod Dee for cheap, yummy Thai food. My favorites here are Pad See Ew and Pad Kee Mao - both made with those ever so delicious big fat noodles.

            1. If you get sausages from the vendors outside the park, get em from 'The Sausage Guy' stand. Small stand on the street behind the monster seats. $5.

              1. You can never go wrong with the food at Boston Beer Works right outside Fenway, but if you are just looking for quick sandwiches/subs I love Ankara Cafe - the wraps are HUGE and cheap. It is about a 12 minute walk from the park at 472 Commonwealth Ave: www.ankaracafe.com.

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                  Food at Beerworks is decent to acceptable pub food, but nothing that will wow you. I'd choose Audubon over Beer Works every time.

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                    If decent pub food includes hummus plates, mako skewers, sesame ginger stir fry, well built fresh salads, and damn good craft beers then I guess it is your everyday average corner pub and we all want to live in your neighborhood. It may not be a destination spot like Russian River or Stone Brewing Bistro but Boston Beerworks offers good food and beers at an "acceptable" price point.

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                      And the sweet potato fries! Mmmm

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                        I used to work at a brew pub and I do like the beers ok. But the food doesn't really impress me. I'd rather have the white bean dip with the olive oil grilled crostini (maybe sourdough?) and kalmatas at Audubon or any of their other menu choices like the grilled cheese and tomato soup combo or a burger. To each his own, I just have never been that impressed with the 10+ times I've been there. Think of it this way, more room for you!

                  2. The Radisson Hotel is in Park Square area, about 1.5 miles from Fenway. While there are many restaurants near the hotel, they aren't budget minded. Some suggestions:

                    Rachel's Kitchen in Bay Village. (Church St) Great breakfast and lunch.
                    Laurel in Back Bay (Berkeley @ Columbus) Moderate prices for the area.
                    M.J,O'Connor's in Park Square (Columbus Ave.) Decent pub fare.
                    Franklin Cafe in South End (Shawmut Ave.) Popular on this board.

                    Also, many otherwise expensive places in Back Bay have reasonbly priced fare at lunch. Check the menus to see.

                    Have fun in Boston.

                    1. Do you know at which Radisson location you are staying? If it is on Stuart Street, Chinatown is close by and has great opportunities for seafood dinners and non-traditional breakfasts. There is also a Radisson in Cambridge, so this could impact the recommendations. Congrats on winning such a great trip!

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                        The Radisson in Cambridge has closed Now undergoing rennovations.

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                          In this case I would definitely recommend exploring Chinatown.

                          Do a search and re-post your location and you will get many excellent recommendations. Limster and others can give you great advice.

                          I worked in this area and one of my favorite experiences was Pho - savory broth, with noodles, basil, beef, tofu or whatever you want for "breakfast". It gets the day off to a great start.

                          My feeling was that I could do decent eggs at home...

                      2. I'm still getting acquainted with Fenway area dining (started a job in the neighborhood last month), but if you like Thai food, I recommend Brown Sugar Cafe (Jersey St.) even for an extra $5-$10 for the two of you over Rod Dee (Peterborough St.). The latter I've found greasy and virtually unseasoned, whereas Brown Sugar has a large menu of fresh and flavorful dishes - I'm virtually never disappointed with their food. Off the Thai tack, I really enjoyed India Quality on Commonwealth Ave. in Kenmore Square...tasty and very reasonably priced.

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                          Okay - it is true, I do like the curries and other rice dishes better from Brown Sugar even though they are more expensive so if you want curries I would take back my original Rod Dee recommendation and vote for Brown Sugar as a good option near Fenway, but the Pad See Ew with fried tofu (with the hot sauce) from Rod Dee is perhaps the single food I get a craving for most often that is within the general Fenway area.

                        2. Hey thanks for all the thoughtful advice - we already feel welcome to Boston. By tight-budget - I didn't mean to sound like we were looking for cheap cheap (although cheap CAN be good - and I hate to admit that we do like fried fish (fish & chips) - actually all good fresh fish/seafood prepared in virtually any kind of thoughtful manner.

                          We were hoping to spend less than $100 (including wine) for dinners. That has become increasingly difficult here in Chicago!

                          Also can anyone recommend the best way to get from the airport to the Radisson Hotel Boston? We' hope not have to take a taxi - as we'd prefer spending the money on food and fun... Thanks again.

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                            It's relatively easy to get there on the MBTA, known to all as the "T". The T also has passes for unlimited use that would make sense for you. Check out their web site www.mbta.com

                            The short explanation: From the lower level for arrivals at Logan, take the shuttle bus to the Blue Line station. This bus is run by MassPort and is free. At this station, buy a pass for unlimited use. Take any inbound train to State station. Transfer to the Orange line westbound to Forrest Hills. Get off at the N.E. Medical Center station. It's about a three block walk to the hotel.

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                              Another option for the T is to take the spiffy new Silver Line (it's really a bus) from the airport to the red line, then transfer at Downtown Crossing to the Orange Line.