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Jun 18, 2007 04:38 PM

Lemon Basil

I've got lemon basil growing like weeds in my "garden" (read: window box). What are some of you CHers favorite recipes involving basil?

Looking for some different creative ideas......

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  1. You've probably thought of this, but pesto. I had it made with lemon basil and it was great.

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    1. re: Louise

      I always add lemon peel or lemon verbena to my pesto, or even juice (helps with the discoloration as well).
      Has anyone ever used cinnamon basil for pesto, I'm going to be trying it myself later this summer, never grew it before so have no idea how strong the flavor will be. My husband is extremely skeptical.

    2. Make pesto w/out the garlic and swirl it into a plain cheesecake recipe for a savory alternative served with flavorful crackers and flatbreads.

      Lemon basil is amazing tucked btwn the skin and meat of a whole fryer chicken.

      Chopped fine over fresh fruit salad (I also add it to a citrus dressing)

      Other recipes I added lemon basil to: lamb balls, mini quiche batter, crabcakes, lemon pound cake and lemonade.

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      1. re: HillJ

        Some great ideas so far! A few more:

        Lemon basil oil for topping or decorative swirls.
        A basic tomato-fresh mozzarella salad with the lemon basil instead of the sweet.
        Rice or pasta salad. Works well with brown or basmati rice too.

      2. I post this often, but here is one of the most fantastic flavor combinations: on a thin slice of baguette, perhaps toasted, spread fresh goat cheese, then top with sliced fresh fig and a sprig of lemon basil (it must be lemon basil which brings out the tangyness of the cheese and the sweetness of the fig perfectly). That's the flavor of summer in my backyard.

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        1. re: Junie D

          These are all really great suggestions! Junie - that sandwich sounds amazing!

          1. re: amanda3571

            Hope you try it! I wasn't clear that I make it as a small, open-face crostini-type appetizer. Sometimes on crackers. But you have me thinking about a bigger sandwich, baguette split lengthwise, maybe adding prosciutto - thanks.

            1. re: Junie D

              Yes! I was thinking a small open face sandwich or "bruschetta-esque" appetizer.