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Jun 18, 2007 04:30 PM

New Bistro in W. LA?

On Santa Monica Blvd near Barrington a new bistro has popped up (it's not Nook, other sde of the street) near Cafe 50s and "A Video Store Named Desire.' Anybody have any info?

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  1. That is Quspo, a Peruvian restaurant. Not bad (perhaps a bit too tamed down for my tastes), prices are reasonable and they show silent films on the wall.

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      1. re: carter

        Yes, otherwise it loses something in translation!

        1. re: New Trial

          Ate at Qusqo with some friends a couple of weeks ago. It was very mediocre. They're sweet people and trying hard but the "paella" (nothing like real Spanish paella) was very underwhelming and so was everything else. But the prices are very reasonable and it's pleasantly decorated. It's not a bad place to go to after a movie down the street.

          1. re: ThatPat

            @thatpat - i agree that most of the menu is underwhelming, hopefully they will tweak it and improve. their ceviche and tiradito are very good (fresh) and go well with a cusquena. the paella you had is not meant to be a spanish paella being that qusqo is a peruvian joint...

            stay away from the ridiculously overpriced platanos (i think they come out to about $1 per slice)

            1. re: corbina

              Their food is still underwhelming, how long will this restaurant survive? I think Qusqo has the potential to be a great place, but they really need to turn around the food. Perhaps they start with fresh and higher quality ingredients as well as adding more "spices" to make the flavors a tad bit more complex.

              I'll wait for some better reviews before trying it again.

              1. re: pdjy

                agreed. when i went the service was impeccable but the food was bleh. i had the paella and the dish was bland, lacking in seafood and the veggies looked and tasted like they came out of a bag that was in the freezer too long.

                i hope they shape up cause there is potential.

                1. re: pdjy

                  Keep waiting - wandered in here tonight as the space looked great and the menu looked really tempting. But the food was mediocre at best and definitely overpriced for what you get. The most disappointing dish was the steamed mussel appetizer - love steamed mussels. Looking forward to a bowl of steamed mussels, with some garlic broth steaming underneath to dunk the bread in. Instead for $10 you get 6 mussels. Cold mussels. with a garlic onion salsa type of thing on each of the mussels (the garlic sauce they mentioned on the menu.) While not the worst meal I ever had, certainly not one that would bring me back.