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Jun 18, 2007 04:24 PM

Is Cookeville Tn a chowhound wasteland?

Hi, I posted an inquiry about Cookeville Tn that got NO responses from any Chowhounds. Now I am truly worried. Are we doomed to Applebees or are there any redeeming restaurants that will make us happy? Please help.

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  1. The answer may be "yes." But it's a college town, so there's probably a decent deli, burger joint, fish fry place or a plate lunch place. I live an hour away but haven't stopped and eaten there in years -- I usually pass through on my way to Asheville, Knoxville, Virginia or the southern mountains. Try calling the newspaper there for recommendations.

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      I vaguely remember eating somewhere on the restaurant/entertainment strip on West Broad that wasn't bad but I can't remember the name. Maybe Jefferson Street Station? Of the non-chains, Beethoven's Bistro, Crawdaddy Cafe and Poets on the Square (all on West Broad) look interesting.

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        People who like to eat usually like antiques or vice versa. Check the local antique shop(s) for recommendations (works for me every time!).

    2. I've lived in Cookeville for a few years now and, being a college town, most places to eat will be chain places. A few exceptions are Mauricio's over on Peachtree, which has excellent Italian food and a pretty good wine menu for a small place.

      Thomas Andrew's over on Broad has some great food, as well, but it's a bit pricey if you're on a college student budget. Also, their wine selection is a bit lacking for a mid-high end restaurant. The only exception to this is when they have a scheduled wine dinner, where they bring in an experienced sommelier who will serve a wine with each course of a very nice meal and talk with you a bit about them. If you get the chance and like good food and good wine, definitely go to one of these.

      If you're into sushi, don't bother with Goten, but go to Taiko over by the square. It's cheaper, just as good quality, and you actually have a better selection of good Japanese food. I'm not saying that Goten is bad, their Japanese grill food is still good stuff, but there's not a great deal of selection aside from the meat you get cooked.

      There are a few other smallish local places around, but none of them stick out in my mind as quite as good as these three. But the one strange thing that I've found is that one of the best wine lists in town is at the new Puleo's. They have a good variety of moderately priced wines. It's a refreshing change from other chain places where you get a chardonnay, a cab, and both Sutter Home and Beringer White Zin.

      So I hope this is a bit more information for you. Enjoy.

      1. Great Italian restaurant in a 100 yr old house. Mauricio's 232 n peachtree ave

        1. I can't believe no one has mentioned BobbyQ's. Its great barby-q, fried catfish, great chicken salads. The curly fries are the best! Oh and don't forget to get some bananna pudding. This place is great. Its a few miles from the interstate on 136 (take jefferson north at exit 287. turn right on spring then left on N washingtonIts about a mile ahead on the left) Oh and the waitresses must get fired if your drink gets less than half full. Seriously there constantly on the lookout trying to fill that glass up as soon as you drink anything. Thats a good thing though. And the fruit tea is great. And ask for the hot sauce if you get a bbq sandwich.

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            What About -

            Crawdaddy's West Side Grill @ 53 West Broad St., Cookeville, TN 931 - 526 - 4660. *
            Dipsey Doodle Drive In @ 2331 West Broad St., Cookeville, TN 931 - 372 - 2663.
            Logan's Roadhouse @ 1395 Interstate Dr., Cookeville, TN 931 - 526 - 9595.
            Longhorn Steakhouse @ 1000 Jefferson Ave. S., Cookeville, TN 931 - 520 - 8620.
            Mama Rosa's Italian Restaurant @ 200 South Lowe Ave., Cookeville, TN 931 - 372 - 8694.

            Crawdaddy's West Side Grill
            53 W Broad St, Cookeville, TN 38501

          2. the best place that I have been in Cookeville is the very charming Maddux in the old part of downtown A great wine list and open kitchen if you sit in the back