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Very specific restaurant recommendation needed!

Hello All!

I am looking for a fantastic restaurant for a very special occasion. Unfortunately it isn't as easy as picking a great food experience. I need to find a place that is fairly trendy with a great LA scene. We were hoping to go somewhere that has great restaurant with a bar/lounge attached or nearby. I'm thinking this is most achievable in a hotel. Half of the group are major foodies, and will not tolerate sub par food for the scene, but the other half needs a star sighting or two. (I suggested the Grace tasting menu at first and that idea didn’t fly) Bonus points if the hotel also has a great place for Sunday brunch and spa for the next day. I was thinking the Roosevelt or Viceroy, but wanted some second opinions! Thanks for the help…

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  1. I saw celebrities this past weekend at La Terza (Reese Witherspoon) and Providence (John Lithgow). The food is excellent at both places and would definitely make the foodies happy.

    For hotel dining with a fun, trendy bar plus spa you could check the Sunset Tower Hotel. I've only had drinks at the bar, but food supposed to be good. Their spa is very nice!


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      Sunset Tower is fun, but the foodies will not be impressed. Not sure you'll really get a celebrity "hit" either.

    2. Maybe the Mondrian with Asia de Cuba and Skybar. Or the Beverly Wilshire with Cut and Sidebar.

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        The Mondrian seems like the best bet. Asia de Cuba still gets celebs and if you don't get lucky there, then SkyBar is a pretty good bet. And, frankly, it's a gorgeous bar. I'm hardly a scenester, but I think SkyBar is spectacular...

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          Second Asia de Cuba, eat on the patio for best views all around.

        2. Mozza has both the scene and the food, but call ahead as its a popular reservation these days.

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            Plus for the foodies you can say "Oh, it's Mario Batali's little place."

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              Chateau Marmont is good for both.

              Eating at Asia de Cuba doesn't automatically get you into Skybar.

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                If you stay at the hotel, you can get into Skybar.

          2. The Penthouse at the Huntley is crawling with celebs.

            1. Santa Monica - Best Italians (all expensive)

              Giorgio Bladi - Small, crrowded, loudish, run like a small private club which allows outsiders (you & me) to come inside every now and then (not easy getting a good reservation). Think Tom Hanks... Bar/lounge might have to be 4 doors down at the Brass Cap or, like "hrhboo" suggested, the top of the Huntley for some killer city/ocean views.


              Capo - Very expensive, with some desirable items that don't appear on many other menus.

              1810 Ocean Ave., (310) 394-5550

              Valentino - Best wine cellar in Los Angeles. New chef who's food people seem to like very much, but as a guess, less chance of celebrity sightings than the other two (I haven't experienced the new chef's food yet).


              Santa Monica Hotels - Shutter's or Casa del La Mar (spelling?).

              1. There's also Simon LA and the Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel (Beverly and La Cienega). Plus you'd be right near a bunch of Sunday brunch places on Beverly and 3rd.

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                    Simon LA has awful food and is overpriced. I went for dinner in March with friends who are far from foodies and they didn't even like it. The Stone Rose Lounge is a great bar though.

                    I'd go with the Roosevelt Hotel or Chateau Marmont.

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                      Brunch is fun, with pretty good food. Have you been? It's great to sit outside in the lounge and sip cocktails all day.

                1. Two more ideas if money is no optoin.

                  Hotel Bel-Air and the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. Though no one would call the H.B.A trendy but it has a certain feel.

                  However, I think your initial instincts of the Viceroy is spot on. Probably the best bet to achieve all the things you want or in super close proximity. You could stay at Viceroy and go to the Huntly or vice-versa. There are loads of spa/bar/brunch options that are super close.

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                    I think Hotel Bel-Air is probably a bit too mild/chilled/lacking-a-bar-scene for this one. Though it's where I'd want to be to recover from said event.

                  2. would def consider roosevelt/dakota as well as asia de cuba/mondrian

                    catch/casa del mar/ veranda

                    w hotel

                    could also consider bar noir at mason 140 and eat in BH at spago or il pastaio or urasawa

                    or stay in bev hills and eat/drink at nic's martini lounge and/or spago or urasawa

                    bungalow club is just fun and you can eat there or somewhere else trendy on melrose (ketchup :-)

                    1. Cut for dinner. Bar accross the lobby. The Boulevard Restaurant for Sunday brunch. All at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Wilshire at Rodeo.

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                        Agree on the Cut / Sidebar suggestion. Although for the non red meat eaters in the group, Cut might be a bit constraining.

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                          Actually, the Dover Sole and the duck are both excellent but, I believe, require two to share.

                      2. Katsuya in Brentwood
                        The restaurant in the W Hotel - food was pretty good about a year ago
                        Adobe?? - getting mixed reviews

                        It's hard to pick a place that is really for foodies, but still a scene and people watching type of place. It seems that you have to sacrifice one or another.

                        Good Luck!

                        1. hotel bel air
                          dakota @ roosevelt hotel
                          blue on blue @ the avalon