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Jun 18, 2007 04:15 PM

Late nite chow in Astoria

So on Saturday night my fiance and I were driving back to Astoria after a night out in Brooklyn. It was about 12:30 and I was dying for a slice of pizza. Along Steinway, down 30th Ave, over to Broadway- and nothing was open. Now I understand on a weeknight, but I thought on a saturday something would be open, especially on Steinway where there are several bars & clubs that seem to draw a crowd. We eventually settled on tacos from Los Portales, which were very good. So does anyone have any other late-nite options? I know about the kebab guy on B'way & 33rd, I know there's one decent (not great-in fact not even worth it) pizza place on Bway near Steinway...and Los Portales. Anything else? thanks hounds!

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  1. ALL the cafes-- grand, Athens, Omonia, Kolonaki- are open till god knows when and serve sanwiches, spanikopita and salads and the like. Stamati's on Broadway is open till 2am and Pinocchio's on 30th ave is open very late--and Uncle Georges is open very late if not 24 hours. For pizza, I am not so sure....My motto has been to go Greek when it's really late.

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      thanks, but I meant to-go stuff like pizza, etc.not sit-down..not to mention I"m frankly sick of Greek food. sorry to any fans but it's just not that interesting to me. how many times can one eat chicken kebabs with rice? blah. ps Uncle George's is, IMHO, the worst of the lot. and they were closed at the time, i checked! I"m just surprised that in multi-ethnic Astoria there's not much available beyond a certain hour!

    2. My best suggestion would be to go to the taco truck on 30th Ave and 33rd St, or the Mexican grocery store directly across the street which has take away as well.

      1. The pizza place on 31st St.., between Ditmars and 23rd Ave., is open til' 1AM. It's towards the middle of the block by the steps of the Ditmars NW. Decent slice--sauce isn't too sweet and the crust is thin but with a good crunch (as opposed to a crack-your-teeth crunch). And yes, I've had a slice from there at that hour and it was still fine. They do simple pastas there too, though I haven't tried them yet.

        Sanford's Diner (on Broadway?) is a pretty good option. I like their Chicken Orzo soup. They do limit their menu for late night though. One thing I would NOT suggest getting there is the chicken quesedilla. The chicken isn't chopped/pulled correctly for a quesedilla.

        I'm not sure what time they're open until, but Igloo on 31st (near Ditmars) is tasty. I've gotten several different kinds of wraps and everytime I've eaten there, the ingredients have been very fresh.