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Jun 18, 2007 03:50 PM

Ode to Breadline Breakfast

I've taken to biking to work, which puts me right by breadline (Penn and 18th) in the morning. (Yes, stopping at breadline goes a long way to defeating the benefits of biking.) Blueberry muffin sooo good -- small, wild blueberries (admittedly, probably frozen), and just perfect batter -- avoids the all too often over-sweetness. (Compare: Dunkin Donuts muffin -- like eating cotton candy.) Next visit, I overcame my great desire to repeat the blueberry experience, and forced myself to order a cherry ginger scone. Hands down, best scone I've ever had -- perfect texture (not leaden as so often), perfect restrained sweetness and light on the ginger. (I thought Teaism's ginger scones were very good, but they hammer you over the head with ginger and heaviness in comparision.) I'm also a great fan of breadhline's chocolate-marscapone cookies -- again, this bakery excels in restrained sweetness -- it's a moon pie for a grown-up palate. Not sure if Mark, the former owner (forgetting his last name) is totally out of the bakery, but he sure taught his bakers right. (Mark told me he trained the Bouchon bakers in Las Vegas -- last time there I discovered a chocolate tart in the take-out bakery that made the flight home on Southwest tolerable (and I was the envy of the poor passengers eating cheez-wiz crackers!)

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  1. Breadline's highly addictive cherry ginger scones are the reason I started biking to work -- biking to work goes a long way to defeating the side effects of stopping at breadline! IMHO, one of the top treats in the metro area . . . .

    1. Man! Now I'm going to have to stop making excuses for not going there! Chocolate tart? Cherry ginger scone?
      I'm at 12th and K, and after this heat passes i'll go and blow my day at the gym on some yummies there.

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      1. re: Jeserf

        To clarify, the chocolate tart is in Las Vegas -- at the Bouchon bakery, under the tutelage of Breadline. But the cherry ginger scones are right here in DC.

        Bonz, thanks for the encouragement!

        1. re: Marissa

          Breadline has some excellent little chocolate breads and their coffee is well above average (note: I am jus talking about breakfast) aside from all the other praises this place receives.