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Jun 18, 2007 03:46 PM

Australian Foods??

We are having an office luncheon with an Australian theme and I have to make the "main dish". I'm sorry but I am ignorant in the Australian menu. Any ideas for a dish that could be shared with 25 people in an office setting and screams Australia? Thank you so much!

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  1. meat pies and sauce.

    And Pavlova for dessert..

    MUST have pav.

    1. Throw a few shrimp on the barbie --- too easy,sorry!

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        I'd second Meat Pies (Pot pies they call them in the USA I think). If you can find them Sausage Rolls too.

        Lamington's could be a good dessert too.

        1. Oops, just realised you were looking for a main - how about anything made with lamb? I'd say kangaroo too, but I've read that the US won't import kangaroo meat. I don't know why. I hear it tastes pretty good and they are definitely not endangered.

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            Roo meat okay. It's pretty cheap too and uncomfortably close to the pet food section in the supermarket :-)

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              a) cankles is the best nom-de-plume EVER.

              b) On topic: Vegemite coated something. Just kidding, someone else will do that. I'd go with Lamb too, and I know it's not convenient, but I ate more fish-n-chips in OZ than I'd ever eaten in my life. Island nation and all that.

              oh- another thought- the "burger with the lot". There's a thread on here with that name on this board- it's a burger, with what we americans usually out on it, but also sliced beet root, a fried egg, and pineapple slices. Aussie sammies are built for hard working aussies.

          2. It's getting a little warm for something as hot and heavy as a meat pie. How about fish? I hope purple goddess will back me up on this one - barramundi is the quintessence of Australian fish, and it has reached American markets.
            Morten Bay bugs? Not yet.

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            1. re: Veggo

              Barra or flake (gummy shark)..

              I forgot about you guys being in the middle of summer, so could you go with a Barbie?? Shrimp and all of that (altho you'd have to call them "prawns" if you're going Aussie)... lamb chops, even?

              1. re: purple goddess


                where are you located, do you have the ability to re-heat or cook the food, etc.
                a bbq is a great idea (and it won't matter too much what you are cooking) but you said you are in an office environment so that may not work.

                I would not recommend barramundi if you are not confident it is fresh flown in from australia. if it's frozen, it doesn't retain its texture well and (in my opinion) is an inferior product - you may put people off for life!

                meat pies are very australian (don't tell the Brits). the traditional pie is a puff pastry case stuffed with a mixture something akin to sloppy joe (ground beef, gravy, onions, etc).

                if you can get good, fresh seafood, then large prawns (shrimp) in any kind of salad combo would be perfect.

                and as you can see from above, australians eat a lot more lamb than USA - you could check out for some ideas.

                good luck

                oh, and whatever you do, don't try to talk "strayan" it just doesn't work!