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Jun 18, 2007 03:34 PM

Best Cafe/Restaurant/Bar with WIFI???


I know that this is not quite a typical chowhound topic but I was wondering if anyone could recommend any places in Boston with wifi. I'm especially looking for a place that has parking, is near South Boston, and has a relaxing, cafe-like atmosphere (and is preferably open late!).

Thank you for any help!

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  1. Cafe Arpeggio on West Broadway in Southie has Wifi and is open till 10 PM.

    1. A list of places with free WiFi can be found at <>. A few options include any of the Espresso Royale branches which have wi-fi and decent coffee and finger type food; Trident Cafe on Newbury Street which has interesting people-watching, surprisingly not half bad food (albeit not necessarily a destination spot; for more Newbury St locations; Similans in East Cambridge which is one of my favorite Thai places, and I guess they have WiFi given their proximity to MIT.

      Dunno about parking or proximity to Southie. Any branch of Panera Bread will usually have parking, but I don't know that the combination is going to exist near Southie.

      1. I can usually get a signal at O'Sullivan's in Somerville. ;-)

        Trident isn't a bad option, though I find the food to only a little better than average.

        1. The best places are in Cambridge/Somerville, not Boston. My favorites are True Grounds, Diesel Cafe, and Sherman Cafe. They are self-service and largely student-oriented, I guess because it's predominantly students who sit around in cafes and use WiFi. The fantastic food and drip coffee at True Grounds absolutely merit Chowhound discussion. True Grounds also has the most "professional adult" feel of the three, and the WiFi is free.

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            The only problem with True Grounds is their wi-fi doesn't allow VPN for some reason and therefore I can't do my actually job-work there - only school and general surfing, which is too bad.

            Coffee, teas and food are outstanding though! Especially their grilled cheese sandwich with 3 or four cheeses...yum.

          2. Thank you for all of your recommendations... I'll definitely try some of them out!

            * FYI: I've heard that Amsterdam Cafe in South Boston has wireless as well as some great sandwiches/wraps, soy lattes, and frozen yogurt/frozen soy (fresh mixers... even tofu if you are willing to venture down that road)

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              Amersterdam Cafe is on Columbus Ave. in the South End.

                1. re: Joanie

                  The South End Amsterdam is on Columbus Ave near Concord Square; there's also one on E Broadway in Southie. Which one has the Wi-Fi, or do both? I know the South End one is not a place to grab a sandwich if you are in a hurry; those counter people move like molasses. I like the food, though.

                  No parking, and no night service at all, let alone late night, but Rachel's Kitchen in Bay Village is awesome otherwise, and has free Wi-Fi. Tiny, though, tough to fit a laptop at some of those tables.

                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    I know that the Amsterdam Cafe in Southie definitely has wifi (actually just called them earlier today to make sure). I'm not sure about the one on Columbus Ave.

                    Also, I just remembered that LTK (Legal Test Kitchen) in South Boston near the waterfront has WIFI as well. Supposedly they have excellent food as well and change most of their menu every month. Has anyone tried LTK and can make recommendations? I might go by there today... park it at the bar and find some good apps.

                    1. re: amf510

                      I have not been, but the reliable opinions I've gotten on LTK rate it from absolutely horrible to just okay. "Excellent" is not a word anyone I know has used in connection with it.

                      1. re: MC Slim JB

                        The other day, a friend of mine told me that LTK was excellent (she actually said "excellent," MC!), and while I can't vouch for her since I haven't been there either, she tends to dine out only at places that are decent, IMO (Basta Pasta, Dok Bua, Regina's, Family Restaurant, etc.), so I tend to trust her judgment for the most part.

                      2. re: amf510

                        What I've heard is that it is NOT the place to go if you have time constraints...folks I know have experienced consistently S-L-O-W service and won't go back as a result.

                        1. re: heathermb

                          We are over-the-top unimpressed with LTK after our experience last night. Went in after seeing the Moz at Bank of America Pavilion. Our bartender was inattentive to the ultimate degree, got *everything* wrong, and our food was underwhelming. The chicken salad with soft Asian flavored noodles was soggy mush - hardly a salad. The cherrystones, oysters and shrimp were served without any set ups or condiments. Same situation with a burger. The chowder was the highlight - it is hard to screw up Legal Seafoods Clam Chowder. We had to ask for every thing we needed separately. He would forget our requests, and we had to ask for everything two or three times. The problem was that he would walk off before we could make a complete request, so that naturally he would get it wrong. It was so uncomfortable that rather than stay and have another glass of wine after our slop of a meal and finish watching the Sox (which were now in the twelfth inning) we paid our check and split, having to listen to the rest of that exciting game in the car. Even though we tipped close to 15% (I hate penalizing others if there is a pooled tip situation) I would have otherwise felt within my rights to have not left a tip. The food was really only OK - it *might* have been better, my palate *may* have been more receptive, and I *may* have gone back for another try in the future had the service not been abominable. We shan't be returning!! FWIW we sat next to a former Legal Seafoods bartender of many years who said he is mystified how a Legal operation can compare so miserably to the mothership. LTK at Logan/Delta is better.