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Jun 18, 2007 03:32 PM

Must eats in Juneau, Stagway, & Ketchikan

The hubby and I will be headed to beautiful Alaska for the first time and stopping in these ports. Please let us know where the best eats are in each town. We are willing to travel out of town if necessary for good munchies!

Thank you so much in advance!

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  1. It's Skagway, actually. We just got back from a cruise, and here are my notes on food in those ports:
    Lunch - Steamers at the Dock- bland king crab legs but GREAT Dungeness crab. Alaska Amber tasting also very good. Coupon from Lumberjack show hgave a discount off Beer Sampler/3 lbs of crab lunch

    Lunch- El Sombrero Halibut Taco - pretty good
    Hangar on the Wharf- great view. My fish taco from el Sombrero looked better than hubby's from Hangar in the Wharf
    Dinner - Doc Water's Pub- suprirsingly upscale menu but not enough time, so just ordered salmon/halibut and chips. Very good.

    I really wanted to try the Pelmeni place but they were closed by dinnertime.

    Lunch- Skagway Fish House- DO NOT MISS fries and Mermaid burger. Friendly staff (owner is great), great view. And did I mention the fries? A bit out of the way (unless your ship docks at that pier) but worth the walk.

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      Thank you so much Chris for the recommendations and spell check. You did mention fries, huh?

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        Chris and all, thanks for this report. We will be stopping in all these same ports in August. I am also looking for food recs for the drive from Skagway up to Emerald Lake, plus any other thoughts on these ports, if anyone has them. thanks!

      2. I was in Ketchikan about 5 years ago. Don't remember specific restaurants, just remember eating halibut all over town. Best I've ever had by far, so fresh and affordable. Halibut fish and mouth is watering rembembering it!! Have a great trip, you'll love it.

        1. Well I live in Juneau, so let me think, hmmmmm.... I concure the Hanger on the Wharf can't hardly be beat. Great food and the best view in town. But a few other places come to mind too. The Island Pub over in downtown Douglas is very good especially if you are there for some live music on Friday night. The Twisted Fish is good too ( owned by the same folks who own the Hanger) but it is very noisey. The Gold Room at the Barnonof Hotel is excellant for fine dining and a no rush kind of meal. Bypass the restaraunt at the top of the tram, it is slow, the food and service stinks.
          A lot of the eateries are hit and miss here in town. That is why the locals don't go out much. Several new places downtown, tried a few of them, expensive and not impressed. Oh, the Dragon Inn across the street from Western Auto is good and so is the new sushi bar at the Canton House. That should give you plenty of choices. Enjoy Juneau!

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            I reread the other comments, on a side note the Pelmeni place is forgetable and they only serve one thing, pelmeni's ~ ick.

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              ick because you don't like Pelmeni? or ick because the Pelmeni they serve are bad?

              1. re: Chris VR

                ick because I didn't like their Pelmeni. Little globs of meat ( i think) in a steamed fold of dough, flavorless, forgetable even if you try to put the sause that is offered on it. Don't bother.

          2. Thank you for all of your recs! Any recommendation for the best seafood chowder in any of the three ports?

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              Most restaurants have some form of seafood chowder on the menu but I'd recommend the chowder at Hangar on the Wharf in Juneau. Pub style. Try to avoid the noon lunch crowd.

            2. I would look for a salmon bake many of these throughout Alaska under many different names
     heres an example this ones called Gold Creek Salmon Bake (907) 586-1424 not necessarily recommending this one but it's an example of one of many salmon bakes.Very fun way to spend a vacation.

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                Thane Oar House! Good salmon and fish and Chips, great alaskana-covered walls