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Jun 18, 2007 03:05 PM

East Ryegate

Hi, looking for some help foodies. My wife and I will be staying in East Ryegate for a week and am looking for suggestions for all meals of the day. From browsing some old posts it looks like elements is a place to hit, any other suggestions would be appreciated. We are planning on doing a few day trips away shopping, so places within a short drive would also work. (Non tourist antique shops near excellent dining would also be appreciated.)


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  1. Surf & Sirloin on Portland Street in St Jay doesn't look like much but the food is good and they have house-smoked BBQ. The Creamery in Danville is very nice - just a short drive west of St Jay. Lots of options headed south as well; the Colatina and the Perfect Pear in Bradford come to mind...