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Jun 18, 2007 02:34 PM

Dallas fun dinner spot

My sisters-in-law and I are going up to Dallas for the Police concert with our husbands and are looking for a fun place to have dinner the next night. We have one picky eater who is primarily a vegeterian except she'll eat chicken but only if there is no bone. That aside I'd love to find a fun place that had moderate prices, entrees 15-30 dollars, and a cool atmosphere and maybe a good wine list. We will be staying near the American Airlines center but anything near there or downtown would be great.

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  1. Try Monica's in Deep Elm, it's great food and fun on the week-ends

    1. Also Cuba Libra on Knox Henderson really great food and fun.

      1. Try Local in Deep Ellum. House of Blues has a restaurant - which would be very close for you, but I'm not sure there would be anything for your veggie friend. Monica's is also very fun.

        1. Also, Sangria over in the Knox-Henderson area is a fun place to go. They have great wines and sangria and a good patio. The menu has meat, seafood and vegetarian choices that are all very good. Each dish is about $4-15 and you can get a bunch and share.