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Jun 18, 2007 02:11 PM

Any Good Places for Grape Nut Ice Cream? (Besides Louie's)

I love the grape nut ice cream at Louie's in East Somerville, but wouldn't mind trying it somewhere else if another place has a good version of it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. The grape nut ice cream at Toscanini's on Main Street on the MIT side of Central Square in Cambridge is a winner. Sometimes it has raisins in it.

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    1. re: East Cambridge Hound

      I'll second Tosci's. I haven't had the flavor elsewhere so I can't compare, but I always liked the flavor there.

      1. re: East Cambridge Hound

        Tosci's had an interesting grapenut cherry ice cream (in addition to regular grapenut), I'd never seen that combination before. But a huge kiddie cone for $2 vs. a smallish small for $3.65, it's Louie's for me.

      2. Russo's in Watertown (and probably other stores) sells pints of Sweet Scoops frozen yogurt, which is really good in general, but I like the grapenut in particular.

        1. A few weeks ago i saw it at a place in Dedham, across the street from Isabellas.
          My buddy had it, and loved it. I think its called Rons. Excellent ice cream.

          1. Help! I only remember Grapenut Icecream at HoJo's many years ago in the New England area.
            Where can it be purchased now? I live in NC now so chances are probably rather slim. Ahmie

            1. As others have said, Toscanini's has Grape Nut, and it's delicious - super-creamy with lots of slightly softened nuggets. I've also had it up at White Farms in Ipswich where it's also good. White Farms' is not quite as good as Toscanini's, but what it lacks in quality it almost makes up for in quantity - for goodness' sake, order the kiddie size!!!