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Jun 18, 2007 02:11 PM

Grocery Warning

Anybody read this book?

Sounds interesting, although rather expensive at $89.00

I couldn't find any "real" reviews on line.

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  1. are you suprised? who knew my dad could get rid of his diabetes by merely buying this book.

    im sorry but i smell a scam.

    1. A rule I live by: any person or organization that claims to know "the truth" is a scam or a crackpot.

      1. If the claims are true, then selling this info is borderline immoral - shouldn't he warn his fellow man free of charge?

        I'm guessing this book will reveal that low-fructose corn syrup is the root of all human ailments...or some other fairly bogus claptrap.


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        1. re: evans

          i don't know anything about low-fructose corn syrup, but high fructose corn syrup is insidiously finding its way into just about everything in the grocery store. and yeah, it's bad stuff.

        2. Reminds me of the book a neighbor lent me claiming that the author could cure my Crohn's disease by eating nothing but his high-priced, unregulated nutritional suppliments. Yeah, right. Thanks, I'll stick with my highly trained, well respected, licensed doctor.

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          1. re: rockycat

            If you're talking about "Patient, Heal Thyself," I'd recommend giving it a second glance. It's helped my Crohn's disease in proportion to the amount I've been willing to follow its advice (which admitadly varies). And only a few suppliments are necessary: probiotics (which are good for you anyway) and rice bran complex (also very good for you anyway). The rest you can use as a standard instead of a rule (eat less sugar and wheat).

            I'd never give up my GI, though.

          2. I read the website you gave and if I were you, I would save your money. I have a feeling they are going to tell you the following:

            -trans fat is bad
            -corn syrup is bad
            -artificial colors are bad and cause ADHD
            -sulfides are bad and cause asthma
            -nitrates and nitrites cause birth defects
            -msg cause GI problems
            -reading the nutrition labels will tell you what is healthy

            I have a feeling that you won't find out anything you shouldn't already know.

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