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Jun 18, 2007 01:44 PM

Pacifico New Haven, CT

Thought I'd post a more recent review for Pacifico. I just thought it was fabulous. We went Saturday night 7:30 PM. I had ordered a Pisco Sour (see below) but it was not for me--I realized I don't like brandy (I'm not a big drinker) and watching the bartender drop a raw egg in the blender! I'll stick to my rum drinks thank you. I love Sours so I thought it sounded good. They also had beautiful looking mojitos and sangria. Next time I'll try the Caipirihna instead, that also sounded good and had rum in it instead. My mango pineapple colado was delicous.
[A Pisco Sour is a cocktail from Peru and Chile, which contains Pisco (a regional brandy made of Quebranta or Muscat grapes), lime (green or yellow depending on personal preference), egg whites, simple syrup, and regional bitters (like Amargo bitters, though Angostura bitters work if regional bitters are unavailable.}

For dinner, the menu all looked so great. My husband had their calamari ("melt in your mouth") and a swordfish special that he said was excellent. I realize I ordered a shrimp and scallop dish for app and dinner, but it was what I wanted. I hate to do that. I saw someone having raw clams at the bar and my mouth was drooling. Also, a lady at the bar said their guacamoli was the best she ever ate--a lot of patrons were eating it--comes in a giant mortal and pestel at the table. They served this incredible brown warm bread along with this sundried tomato spread that was delish. Also, the service was top-notch, totally unpretentious but you wanted for nothing and everyone from the hostess, bartender, runners, waiter and even bussers were so so friendly. Some patrons were wearing jeans no problem. Guy next to us actually dined with his baseball hat topped with his sunglasses!! (He was a little tipsy and loud!) This place was where Tibwin Grill used to be, across from Shubert, next to the Ethiopian place. Down the block from that Bespoke place that many critics are raving about. Spacious, not crowded. Pacifico's prices were very fair I thought.

This is what I had:

For App: Mofongo de Vieras y Camaron Sea scallops, shrimp, and yellow tomato mofongo with lobster and lemongrass sauce $10.95 (The mofongo is a plaintain mash thing that was so totally incredible, kind of like a stuffing and the sauce was lick-the-bowl--the waiter brought me a spoon and I realized why)

For Salad: Ensalada de Remolacha Golden beets, raisins, goat cheese, arugula salad with lime coconut vinaigrette $8.50 (This was OK. Disappointed that they substituted regular beets but still good but not that special or something that I could have gotten somewhere else)

For Dinner: Camarones y Vieras con Raviolis de Frijol Negro Seared sea scallops and shrimp in a chipotle, honey chardonnay sauce with Monterey Jack and black bean ravioli $24.95 (This was also just incredible--the ravioli had a really nice kick and the texture offset the simple taste of the seared seafood; it had this cruncy potato thing surrounding the ravioli and the sauce was also great here)

Here's the website: - Click on New Haven to see their menu.

We were traitors at dessert. It was my birthday dinner and I just love Carmen Anthony's desserts,, so we went there for dessert--my favorite for their white chocolate bread pudding. Brought half home. It is my favorite dessert out anywhere and they have the best coffee too. But I must say that Pacifico's desserts all sounded tasty too.

Sorry so long!

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  1. I visited Pacifico a couple months back and was very much pleased. I thought it was a great way to escape the Roomba attitude while getting somewhat similar cuisine.

    I would highly recommend Pacifico as well.

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    1. re: Jestner

      I'll second the idea that Pacifico is a great alternative to Roomba. A lot of people were very upset when Roomba shut down. However, I think Pacifico does nuevo Latino better, and Soul de Cuba does authentic Cuban much better than Roomba ever did. Both also have better prices and much better service.

    2. Ate at Pacifico last night. Outdoor seating that would be delightful but for the street noise (boom box guy parked right in front), but it was late and fantastic people watching as the youngsters paraded back and forth (it's located between a night club and BAR).

      The drinks were unusual and absoutely excellent. We had a marguerita and mojito, neither too sweet. The pargo was very good, but the whole crispy fish stuffed with a salad and not greasy was one of the best I've had. Will make this place a summer haunt.

      1. We've had lunch on numerous occasions lately and have enjoyed the experience each time. What's wierd is they are never busy for lunch. We usually get one of the best tables by the window....

        1. Pacifico has seen better days. I used to be a regular patron when they first opened about three years ago, but moved away from the area, and was highly disappointed when I decided to take a trip back to one of my favorite old haunts on a recent business trip.

          I ordered the seafood paella and not only was it cold, but the one little bit of lobster claw I had to hunt for (in what was mostly a plate of rice), had no meat in it whatsoever. My friend ordered the chicken dish, which was pre-cooked, and had to send it back on account that it was cold in the middle. When it came back from the kitchen, she could tell that they just nuked it.

          It seems like this once shining star has burned out . The level of service has completely declined, and our waitress had no knowledge about the wine we ordered, and even seemed annoyed when I asked her if she could recommend a good rioja.

          What once was a relatively respectable fine dining establishment in New Haven, has taken a turn for the sleezier side. I would feel very uncomfortable taking my mother there, that's for sure.

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          1. re: Tim365

            Was this lunch or dinner? Did you send yours back to be heated? You didn't say the food tasted bad....
            We were there a few weeks ago and had a fine lunch. Our male waiter did a fine job.

            I can't believe you would be so harsh and "sound the death knell" based on that one experience. Sleazier?

            1. re: Scargod

              Sure, it tasted like what it was - a plate of rice. And at the prices they're charging, I should at least be receiving some seafood, and not empty shells. .

              Believe me, if you asked me based on my experience from a few yeas back, I would have nothing but wonderful things to say about this place, but based on the poor service and food quality this last time, I'm not going to waste my money again on another bad experience.

              1. re: Tim365

                While I think that thte term "shocked" would be a little extreme as it to relates to reading Tim365's posts, I am more than a bit surprised. We have enjoyed Pacifico since its opening. A couple of years ago, I thought that the quality had dimished a bit, but our last two visits were absolutely terrific - all of the dishes were wonderful.
                As for the wine service, there have definitely been some lapses (as of being served an Albarino at room temperature and again, a lack of wine knowledge on the part of our server), but we have had absolutely no complaints about the food or the food service.

                1. re: lsnhc

                  When were your last two visits?
                  We have eaten there at least four times in the past two months and we have had little or no complaints. As I said, I think it odd that they don't seem to have much lunch business, as good as we think it is (say, compared to Hot Tomato, where we have had some really iffy meals and service in the same time frame).
                  Not directed at you (but Tim365); he really didn't answer any of my questions. I don't get it when a persons expresses so much affection for a place, then abruptly says, "that's it". If I care about a restaurant that I frequent (and I often do care) I usually talk to the manager and try and get things resolved.

                  1. re: Scargod

                    Nothing personal, scargod, just a matter of taste. And that's just my opinion of what I observed that day.