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Jun 18, 2007 01:32 PM

Asian Grill in Springfield, VA

I don't remember ever seeing anything about this restaurant. It's tucked away back, behind the Whole Foods on Rolling and Old Keene Mill Rds. It's owned by the same people who own Ho's Dynasty. We go periodically and really enjoy it. It has Thai specialties, unlike Ho's, also some Chinese food but even that is Thai influenced. We were there for lunch today. The shrimp spring rolls were very good, but the peanut sauce was excellent. It was much lighter than other peanut sauces I've had. I had Thai basil beef which was also excellent. The servings are small, which was perfect for lunch on a hot day. My kids ordered beef lo mein which was completely unlike any I've seen in Chinese restaurants, again, nice and light, minimal ingredients--noodles, beef and a green vegetable which looked a little like celery but was not. We didn't order dessert, but they provided nicely plated fried won tons stuffed w/ apples sprinkled w/ cinnamon sugar. Very good. Service was excellent and the manager was present, walking around to make sure everything was fine. I was surprised at noon, that the place was empty. There aren't that many places worth going to in that area (maybe Tiyaki Grill, Austin Grill--lol, never noticed how many "Grill" places there are in that shopping area until now) so it's definitely worth checking out--I'd say possibly worth a 10-15 minute drive.

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  1. Been there often. It's about as good as suburban Chinese gets. We used to go to Ho's a lot, and the ownership family is actually working more at Asian Grill these days. They are very friendly people and they run a great little business.

    The place is very dependable. I've grazed the whole menu and haven't found anything that wasn't enjoyable. Springfield is not a food mecca at all, so a dependable place like this one is a good thing for those nights when we don't feel like cooking.