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Where to eat in Jasper area?

LettuceAlone Jun 18, 2007 01:31 PM

Will be day hiking in the Jasper area for a week in August.
What are the best places casual and/or fancy for dinner?

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    cleopatra999 RE: LettuceAlone Jun 18, 2007 09:25 PM

    haven't had fantastic experiences with dinner, however there is a must visit lunch/breakfast place called the black sheep, and right around the corner is a bakery that the name of which is escaping me...think it might be bear's paw or something. there is a mexican place on main street that was enjoyable. for fancy you can always try the jasper park lodge, beautiful setting, probably overpriced. ask around about the pyramid lake resort, last time we went there the food was not good, but i heard that owners where changing, the scenery is unprecedented. maybe someone here has been recently?? if you need hiking information i recommend the book 'don't waste your time in the canadian rockies', it gives honest information on various hikes in the area. one must see is mount robson/kinney lake for a day hike.

    have a great time!!

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      Bob Mac RE: cleopatra999 Jun 19, 2007 07:14 AM

      Jasper is a funny town when it comes to dinner. It often can be frustrating with many of its spots dominated by Greek/Mediterranean/pizza fare with not a heck of a lot difference between the L & W v. Something Else v. Karouzo's v.etc. etc. People of Greek ancestry were the forefathers of the tourist dining trade so that should not surprise.

      We were last there in May for our anniversary but stayed up at the JPL so never really got around to try much in the townsite but usually do that two or three other times annually.

      Our current favourite is the Fiddle River on Connaught upstairs above a non-smoking bar in the bsmt where they served decent bar snacks. However, we have not eaten at Fiddle River during our last few visits so my information may be dated.

      We used to eat from time to time in Papa Georges in the Astoria hotel. They had a "jaw breaking" size-wise roast chicken sandwich that was very good. Not sure how it is at present.

      More often than not we are tired and want to "crater" with our dogs in our room rather than go out and dine in the evening. We often pick up a bottle or two of wine as there are several wine stores in town and one in particular is quite good both when it comes to variety as well as price. The two better ones are yards apart on Patricia. I like the one where you can walk downstairs for their Italian and Australian wines which has a resident female black lab.

      Then we pick up something simple like pizza and salads. I am not particularly fond of the big one in town, Jasper Pizza Place but there was a small spot in one of the Patricia Street strip malls called LoLa's or LoLo's operated by a couple of fellows from Quebec that was tasty.

      Some people have recommened a spot nearby on Patricia toward the Court House end of the town called, I think, Evil Daves. Apparently opened by the chef or former chef from Tekarra Lodge. Have not tried it.

      The "name" spot in town is Andy's Bistro on Patricia. It has a decent reputation but quite frankly it was rather "ho-humm" the one time we tried it. I appreciate that a single visit is not a particularly fair way to assess a restaurant. That was also after a very good holiday on Vancouver Island and some good wining and dining in Tofino and Victoria so it did not do well in the comparison.

      You have the Prime Rib Village at the Tonquin. I do not know how many English tourists I have sent that way when encountered walking about the village. They did not want "greek" so that is where I recommended. Mind you it is run by a Greek owner as well. The food is pretty good but expensive.

      I have heard relatively good things about La Fiesta [supposedly Spanish tapas] but have not been.

      The Black Sheep that cleopatra mentioned above has received good reviews from friends who have eaten there especially the burgers. Same with the Bear's Paw bakery that was also mentioned.

      I have heard good things about the dining room at Becker's Bungalows just outside of town down the Icefields Parkway.

      Cannot comment about Pyramid Lake Resort or the Tekarra Lodge. As cleopatra mentioned they are under new ownership. I think the Coast chain operates them rather than MacLab.

      Nicest thing to do is to pick up some bread, cheese, cold cuts and the like and if you are not too tired after all of the hiking head up to the island on Pyramid Lake which is joined to the mainland by a small foot bridge and have a picnic and enjoy the serenity and view.

      Another nice spot is one of the picnic spots in Maligne Canyon before you ascend. I cannot recollect if it is 5th Bridge or 7th Bridge but it is adjacent to the river and a chain footbridge which joins the trail. Beautiful as well. Never cease to see wildlife. Sheep, deer and the occasional bear which prompts one to clear up the food and head to the car until they go elsewhere.

      I cannot say that I would recommend anything at the JPL. We stopped going to the Edith Cavel Room some time ago. Yes, it is beautiful both inside and of course the great surroundings aroudn Lac Beauvert but the food always has disappointed. Perhaps it has improved under the "newer" chef [Turcotte or Mathieu..maybe Mathieu Turcotte [smile] formerly of another Fairmount property, the Macdonald in Edmonton] but I cannot justify the "rock star" prices especially during the summer].

      Enjoy your visit. Let us know what you tried and whether you enjoyed it or not.

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