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Jun 18, 2007 01:21 PM

Saint Orres or Pangea for chowish vegetarian?

We'll be in the Gualala (and north) area next week for an overnight and will only have time to eat at one or the other. From previous posts, Saint Orres seems a little more yummy to most, but it also looks like that's in large part due to the extensive game on the menu, so we're thinking maybe for us Pangea is the better pick. One delicious vegetarian dish on an otherwise meaty menu is just fine, as long as it's truly delish. Or an amazing appetizer and scrumptious desert ... We await your wise chow words, and thank you!!

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  1. Maybe a bit late, but a few second-hand suggestions to consider. A close associate on the wait staff offers some tidbits from St Orres. Their dish 'vegetable strudel' is popular, delicious, and game-free. Their Stilton appetizer is popular. Their signature (if weird) cold fruit soups are accessable to vegites, but perhaps more relevant are the other nightly soups that while typically made with pheasant stock, the kitchten gladly and regularly accommodates requests for <non-veg>stock-free soups made to order. But give either of these restaurants a call and ask what they've got! These places will talk to you about what they are serving.