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MOIM, Korean in the slope

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Read about this place on Garfield in Park Slope. Has anyone been yet?

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  1. this is next to rancho allegre? is it by the same owner because rancho is notoriously filthy.

    that being said, i do get hankerings for korean...we'll see what happens but id definitely try it.

    1. I have a friend who went who raved, so I'm hopeful . . .
      I'm told it's fusion, with an emphasis on high end ingredients - organic etc

      I don't *think* it's the rancho allegre people.

      1. went tonight and sorry about the vague review (its late) but it was so beautiful and delicious! you must go - the owner is very chatty and will tell you all about everything (he goes to each table) very sweet, you can tell he is very proud and rightfully so.

        1. i went recently. food was pretty good. i missed all the little free started dishes you get when you eat in manhattan's korea town. portions were small and prices seemed way too high. because they don't have a liquor license, the bill wasn't that high in the end... but those days are sure to end soon enough.

          1. I went last weekend and while the flavors are a bit mellow, the food was quite good and the space is comfortable and its byob. i had the cod, which was very buttery and well prepared.

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              We just went to Moim, and it was great. They seem to have resolved some of the issues brought up by previous posters. The banchan was free, for example. We had plenty of food and wine for $60 for two which is not Koreatown, but for a neighborhood severely hurting for good food, we thought it was good value. We will certainly be back.

            2. I went twice five or six months ago, and really loved it.

              But tonight I took a friend, and was pretty underwhelmed by the food. We ordered green tea and got one of those smelly tropical flavored green tea bags (admittedly, a really nice brand of tea, but we didn't order "tropical" green tea) in a small teacup.

              At the end of the meal we got the bill and each of those little cups of tropical green tea cost four dollars! Yes, we could have looked it up, but it seems like that's breaking a contract. $3 or $3.50 would have been high but understandable, but four dollars each just felt like they were ripping us off.

              I was also charged extra for egg and tofu on my bi bim bap; the server warned me that the tofu would have a charge when i asked for it, but not the egg (which he suggested) - even though I ordered it without the meat that usually comes with it.

              Please understand - I have no problem paying $35 for a meal that is worth $35!!! I am really happy to. But getting the bill tonight felt like a slap in the face. This dinner would have been a good deal for $20 or $25; for $35, it's just not nearly good enough. I really did like this place before, but I won't be returning!