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Jun 18, 2007 12:53 PM

Question Re: The French Laundry

Has anyone ever gone and tried to order off of the regular ('meat') menu, but asked them to substitute the analogous veggie course for one of the courses? eg. You want to order from the meat menu but for course 3 you don't like your meat option but love the veggie option... If anyone has ever asked them to make the substitution, what was the response?


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  1. Response is yes, they will substitute, and in a very accomodating manner. They also ask you if you have any allergies - at another table, a woman couldn't eat uncooked eggs (I guess cooked was okay) so they substituted a soup from the veggie side for the dish that had uncooked eggs. No hassle about it, more than happy to help the diner get what he/she wants.