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Jun 18, 2007 12:44 PM

Chow Rec's For Louisville

My son will be attending Louisville in August so I thought I would put together a list with your help. Are there places he should not miss? (He will have a car) Born and raised in Southern California in a chowhound house the kid is going to need help!
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Jack Fry's on busy Bardstown Road----my favorite restaurant in Ky.

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    1. Lynn's Paradise Cafe on Barret, Ramsi's on Bardstown Road, Koreana on Preston, For decent Mexican Sol Aztecas on Bardstown, Sapporo's for sushi on Bardstown Road

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        I second the rec for Lynn's, especially for breakfast. Close to U of L's campus, I stumbled on the Third Avenue Cafe (it's actually on Third St.) and it was very good and not very pricey ( For a sweet treat, I love (I mean, I would seriously marry this place!) the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen. There are a couple of locations around town, but the one I've been to is on Bardstown Rd. (

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          As a student, he'll more likely be able to afford the fine sushi at Cafe Mimosa on Bardstown Rd. I like that place a lot.
          Also, the kid needs to know about Flabby's Schnitzelberg in the old Germantown section of Louisville. Just tell him to go. His friends will be impressed that he knows such a great, old-school tavern with truly great food.

        2. Will he live on campus? Will he have an automobile?

          Near U of L is Santa Fe Grill on Third near Central--amazing Mexican food (although maybe not so much for a Californian. . .).

          Come Back Inn in Germantown (Italian)

          Vietnam Kitchen @ Iriquois Shopping Center

          The Mayan Cafe downtown

          Thai Smile 5 on Preston Highway

          Maido (sushi) on Frankfort Ave

          Zen Garden (vegetarian and STELLAR) on Frankfort Ave

          Shiraz (Middle Eastern) on Frankfort

          Artemesia on Market

          RAW on 4th Street

          Upscale there's Le Relais, Lilly's, Jack Fry's, L & N, Vincenzo's. . .and always the Oakroom at the Seelbach and The English Grill at The Brown Hotel. Plus Proof at 21C.

          Check out for reataurant reviews, and if your son has the facility and inclination toward cooking for himself, has a list of local ethnic markets.

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            I agree with all Mamacita's recs.. and would add La Tapitia just down the street from Santa Fe Cafe

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              Thank you so much everyone! This really helps. He and Dad are there now for a campus visit so I will email them this list and they can get started chowing!