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Jun 18, 2007 12:37 PM

What's the deal with Schwa?

Can anyone give me some insight about this place? I've been trying to get a reservation at Schwa for at least two months. I started calling in April to book a late July reservation. The 1st few times I called, I was advised that they were not taking reservations that far our. When I called again I was told they will be closed all of July. As of mid June I've gotten an answering machine everytime I've called.

When I left a message asking for an 8/3 reservation they answered back 2 days later, leaving a message telling me they will not open until 8/4. When I left another message asking for the 8/4 date, they called back 2 days later with another message telling me that date was all booked up. I subsequently left another message requesting any of six dates in August and have yet to hear back from them.

Why is this so difficult? Is it too much to expect to speak with a real person when you call during normal business hours? Is the food and the experience worth all of this work?

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  1. Why be a masochist? Screw'em! NO restaurant is worth jumping through those kind of hoops; espespecially one without waiters or a wine list. Go to Blackbird, Tru, Alinea, Everest or any of the other top tier restaurants that will happily take your reservation.

    1. They are very popular because not only is the food that good, the value is so much higher because it is BYOB. Most restaurants at this level charge at least 3x what wine costs in stores. If you have a cellar, you may be in the position that the wine you spent $100 on a few years ago could cost $500 or more in a high end restaurant.

      Whether it is worth it or not is up to you is obviously a personal value judgment. If you don't drink wine, or are price indifferent, probably not. If you have a wine cellar, the 15 minutes you have spent so far doesn't sound like a lot of work compared to the savings and the fun of drinking your own wine. However, based on the frustration level you are voicing, I suspect your experience will be tempered by your feelings, and so you may be better off going somewhere else. Which, of course, is fine by me since I love the place.

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