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grilled avocado - anyone try it?

I was flipping through the most recent issue of bon appetit and saw a photo of a delish looking grilled meal that included grilled avocado. I'm thinking that this will be a wonderful accompaniment to the pork loin I have marinating. I'd be interested to know if anyone has tasted it, tried to grill it, etc.

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  1. I've grilled avocados a number of times to great reviews. Brush cut halves with olive oil and grilled 3-4 minutes. I fill it with salsa for a first course.

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      Does it just warm it up, or does it change the taste and texture? Having trouble imagining the effect.

    2. I've been wondering about this as well. I've heard it's really good when you grill the avocado then make it into guacamole. It must change the flavor somehow.

      1. I've grilled, seared and tempura fried avocado.

        If you use a nice ripe one cut in slabs the texture gets kind of crisp on the outside, molten on the inside like foie gras. Just make sure your grill is well seasoned because if you let it stick you'll mash it all to hell trying to get it off again.

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          Wow! That sounds great! Very daring. I was really skeptical but after your description this definitely goes on my cooking notebook's to-do page.

        2. Great feedback, thank you. I tried it out last night on a weber grill. I seasoned the rack well and had no sticking problems. I served the grilled avocado as a simple side and it was amazing! I love avocado so I'm always thrilled to find new ways to eat it. It had a great texture, just as legelage noted, crispy on the outside molten on the inside. Loved it! I also find there was a nutty flavor to it that I hadn't tasted before. Could have been the wood I grill with I suppose but it tasted quite natural and seemed to make sense with the pit and all. At any rate this will be great to experiment with throughout the summer.

          1. How funny. Just responded to a vegetable grilling post up-thread and suggested avocados! Here are some other ideas that we like:

            Chicken, avocado, and cherry tomato skewers. Marinate the chicken in lime-cumin vinaigrette ("Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" by Deborah Madison) and serve extra vinaigrette for drizzling at the table.

            Grill avocado and pineapple chunks. Mix with minced jalapeno, or other hot chile, hit of olive or grapeseed or canola oil, lime juice and zest. Nice salsa with grilled scallops or other simply grilled fish.

            1. Can you pan-sear it? I don't have a grill.

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                thanks for asking this sjb, i was wondering the same thing.

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                  Yes, pan searing is excellent.

                  Use either a well seaosned pan or a nonstick. Season the slabs of avocado and sear, adjusting the heat down depending on the thickness of the cut. Don't use tongs to turn or plate though! Use a flexible spatula if you have one- and if you don't go buy one!

                  An outstanding salad can be made by pan searing slices or spiced mango and avocado. I like to use szechuan pepper on the mago to give it a little kick... some peppery greens tossed with a bit od lime juice dressing and a splash of nuoc mam...

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                    sounds amazing, thanks for the tips!!

                2. Once, at a restaurant, I had "avocado fries" - sticks of avocado with a light breading (panko?), flash-fried. Pretty tasty, actually.

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                    At a local Mexican restaurant, I've had deep fried avocado. They skin it, remove the pit and replace it (the pit) with fajita meat (your choice of chicken or beef), lightly bread it and fry it up. It's wonderful. I'm sure it's absolutely terrible for you, but I've never had anything quite like it.