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Jun 18, 2007 11:50 AM

Long Beach Island Restaurants for Kids

Could anybody please recommend any restaurants for familes with young kids - (7, 4 and 3)? Breakfast and dinner especially and any great spots for ice cream. Thank you.

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  1. Where are you staying? Beach Haven & Ship Bottom have the most kid friendly restaurants.

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      I will be in Holgate. I've been to Uncle Will's.

    2. Doms Drive In/ Brant Beach for soft ice cream; wish I had one right now.

      1. there is a good ice cream place just a few blocks north of Bay Village in BH. It's on the opposite side; right on the blvd. sorry I cannot remember the name. Buckalews is a good place to go with kids as long as you go early (also in BH). Kids will love walking around Bay Village. There is ice cream in one of the shops there as well. The bakery is pretty good there, fyi.