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i need 1000 packs of doughnuts

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Seriously, i'm at a loss. i need 1000 packs of mini-doughnuts (like you find at a deli or a gas station), where oh where can i buy them?

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    1. You can always ask you local deli or gas station who they use as a vendor. I would imagine that if you call them, you should be able to make some kind of deal if you are buying 1000 packs. That's a lot of donuts!

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        thanks guys!
        regarding sam's club. i need to know they will be there when i need them. i can't depend on sam's club and see that they are short 200 doughnuts. also can't buy them in advance bc they'll go stale. i need to find a vendor who will take an order in advance and deliver when i need them. sigh!

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          i'm not too sure you need to be worried about freshness with gas station donuts.... all those preservatives keep a hostess powdered "fresh" forever. or at least a while.

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          try U.S. Foods. They supply gift shops, etc. Also, try contacting Hostess (or whomever) directly.

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            Costco, in the past, took orders and deliverd. I used them for a convention. I would think 1000 packs would qualify for that service.

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              also, thanks janet i'm going to see if costco will sell to me without a membership.. i didn't know they took orders. that's great.

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                Costco will not sell you anything without a membership- that's the point of the store.

                Also, many distributors cannot sell direct to the public, they just aren't structured that way. You'd be better off finding a place that already carries the product you want, and asking them if they can get you enough cases to make 1000 pieces, and ask for a case discount. Be prepared to leave a deposit, since the retailer wouldn't want to be stuck with 1000 doughnuts.

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              US Foods only has them in bulk but they've redirected me to someone who may be able to help! thanks for the suggestion

          2. find out who bakes them locally, and get in touch with them. While they might not be able to sell to you directly, they can probably tell you who would be willing to. If you know in advance, you may be able to get them through your local grocery store.

            1. I would seek out your local vending machine company. I'm sure they would be able to help you out and for cheap.

              1. I thought of another place today when I drove by a Wonder Bread surplus store. Do you have one of those in your area???

                1. Interstate Bakeries is the name of the company that owns Hostess. 1,000 units of donut gems is not exactly a small order, they may be willing to deal with you directly. http://www.interstatebakeriescorp.com/

                  I'd contact their marketing department and see if they can't refer you to a route salesman in your area that could sell you the product directly. Their delivery people are independent contractors. Interstate Bakeries also has thrift or seconds stores in a lot of cities, but I doubt that any one would have 1,000 units on hand at a given time. If you've got a thrift or second store near you they might be willing to work with you to get that much product in for you.