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Jun 18, 2007 11:25 AM

Best Japanese Curry

What do you guys think? I've had a craving ever since Tokyo.

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  1. In Weller Court you can try "Curry House" - they have other locations, too. I believe they are sponsored by House Brand Foods - a good place to get a curry katsu!

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    1. re: So Ho La

      i would second "curry house" also ducks in san gabriel is good too

      1. re: So Ho La

        I have to second that as well, I have been going to the little Tokyo one since about 1993 and am totally and completely addicted to the Chicken Katsu Curry Extra Hot with Rice, and always get a Miso Soup and an Ice Tea. Damn I love it. I like Hurry Curry, but still like The Curry House better, but only the one in Little Tokyo. I have not liked the other locations I have tried as of yet.

        I do lament them moving to Ginger dressing instead of their house french dressing on the side salad though, as I have always loved it.

        I actually did a review of this place on my blog at:

        1. re: So Ho La

          Just had the chicken curry katsu at Curry House is Little Tokyo, and boy... it was delicious! Really satisfied my curry craving.

          For Curry House regulars, anything else really good there?

          1. re: Liquid Sky

            Honestly I always get Chicken Katsu Curry Extra Hot with Rice, Miso Soup and an Ice Tea, and make sure to get some hot oil to add at least a little spice to it. Delicious. Makes my mouth water!

        2. I like Ducks Curry on Las Tunas in San Gabriel. They have good katsu curry.

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          1. re: tissue

            another vote for ducks curry. i find it overpriced tho but it's reall good curry.

            1. re: lapchern

              Even though Ducks is ridiculously expensive, I've always felt there is something different/special about it that makes it worth the price over a Curry House or Hurry Curry. I can't pinpoint what it is exactly, but it just seems like CH and HC use a mass-produced, toned-down, generic version of curry.

              1. re: andytseng

                another huge vote for Ducks. echoing what above poster, there's just something about Ducks. easily the finest, as well as most expensive, katsu curry in LA.

                definitely puts CH and HC to shame. (and they serve booze!!!)

                1. re: TonyC

                  Adding Ducks to my list to try.

                  1. re: akalil5

                    we tried it last night and it was pretty good. i had the chicken katsu curry. The quality of the chicken was a bit questionable, but the curry was flavorful and had just the right amount of spiciness. The wife had the tempura bowl and she loved it. I haven't heard her rave about a dish like this in forever. I think she got addicted to the sauce they served on the tempura. it is definitely worth a try.

          2. Used to go to Hurry Curry on Sawtelle. Yummy but this was a few years ago. I make it myself now with the box mix. Easy!

            1. My vote would be Sawtelle Kitchen on Sawtelle in West LA. I like their curry (the actual sauce) better than at Hurry Curry, Blue Marlin or Curry House down the street. But with four places that serve curry within 2 blocks, you could have fun doing a taste test week.

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              1. re: igj

                I second Blue Marlin- there was a place in Torrance as well but can't remember the name-- another yoshoku resto..
                Does Sawtelle Kitchen still serve curry after changing everything?

                1. re: miffy

                  I haven't tried the curry at Blue Marlin, but the one at Sawtelle Kitchen is very good. The place in Torrance/Gardena is Bistro Laramie, which also makes a good curry. Both of these places make theirs from scratch (I'm assuming SK still makes it... haven't been there since the reopening). I'm not sure if any of the other places make curry from scratch either. But I'd like to know.

                  1. re: E Eto

                    my vote goes to Hurry Curry in Sawtelle or Curry House in Little Tokyo..

                    just don't go to the Hurry Curry in old town Pasadena...

                    1. re: chewingvampire

                      Curry House is like the McD's of curry. It's run by one of the largest Japanese curry brands, and it is consistent (I don't find much difference between the Little Tokyo, Sawtelle, or Torrance branches) and when you feel like a hankering for that flavor, it's a good standby. But I prefer places that put a little more thought and personality in their food. I haven't been to Hurry Curry in a long while so maybe I need to revisit them too, but I'd just rather have the good stuff at Sawtelle Kitchen if I'm nearby. Ditto Bistro Laramie if I'm near there.

                      1. re: E Eto

                        Totally agree about Curry House being a total chain place with chain taste. I remember when they first opened in Torrance in the 80's - now that was exciting because there weren't any places that served only curry. But House owns and operates it, so you can basically buy House branded curry pouches and serve yourself at home. The one thing I will hop in for though is their Curry-pan to go.

                        1. re: gomagoma

                          While it is a chain, I don't find the stores the same at all, nor do I find the House Foods Curry blocks to be anything like the Curry they serve there. I really only like the food at the Little Tokyo One, though I do have to admit you get less for your money than you used to. While the Curry portion has remained the same, you no longer have the choice of the French Dressing, and they are down to one pickled vegetable, when they used to have 3. They still do have their role back days though, when they go back to the original prices.

                          And yea, they Curry pan is pretty good, but I am always too full after the Chicken Katsu.

                          1. re: gomagoma

                            the curry at the restaurants and the pre-made pouches at the markets are different.

                            i'd like to warn if anyone is allergic to nuts or specifically "cashews", the sauce at the restaurants are made with it (according to the ingredients list on the menu). whereas the pre-made pouches say "peanuts" (something for those who are allergic to to note)

                            also for vegetarians, the menu says that the medium heat curry is made without animal fat.

                            personally i like the pre-made stuff from the store. like the taste more and it comes with chunks of veggies. at the restaurants it's mainly sauce plus bits of what you'd like. if you order vegetable it's like corn, bits of carrot and potatos, green bean, etc... i've found some peops don't like this and prefer their curry to be uh... heftier(?) in content

                      2. re: E Eto

                        Sawtelle Kitchen still has curry on the menu - now available in more comfortable digs.

                      3. re: miffy

                        Sawtelle kitchen still serves the best curry in town. They cook the sauce for 2
                        days. There menu is the same as before. With some nice additions.

                        1. re: loudenuff

                          Anyone ever try that curry/chicken place on 1st Street... not far from the CAL-TRANS building? I pass by it every day, and it looks decent.

                    2. Cafe Hiro in Cypress is Japanese-Italian-French restaurant that also serves up some pretty good curry. If you can picture a French bistro w/red-and-white checkered table clothes and some irreverent decorations in between, then you've got Cafe Hiro in a nutshell! An interesting place if youre looking for something out of the norm.

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                      1. re: poptisserie

                        I had the mushroom (yep) curry at Hiro, and it was excellent.

                        1. re: poptisserie

                          Hiro's is good for their osso buco which is my favorite. The place is always crowded and very small. Never tried his curry.