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Jun 18, 2007 11:08 AM

Yet another vegas q

Ok, so 4 of us are comin to vegas this weekend and on one night are celebrating a birthday. We're looking for a nice place but one that still has a fun atmosphere. Pretty open on food but needs to be on or close to the strip and preferably around 100pp with drinks. Dessert is important as well as an assortment of cocktails. We're all from ny so would like to stay away from the places we could go to here. Was lookin at fix at the bellagio, but am open to any other suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Either Nobu at the Hard Rock or Okada at the Wynn would probably fit the bill. Nobu is louder, so perhaps better for a birthday party, but it off the strip a block or two. The Hard Rock is probably more fun if your group is 20s or 30s. If you prefer steaks, I ate at the Palm at Caesar's Forum Shops this past weekend and it was exceptional. Fun, lighthearted atmosphere, great service and the food was incredible. I'm sure there is a Palm in NYC, though. Mix at Mandalay Bay has a great bar on the top floor of the Hotel with an amazing view. We enjoyed dinner there after cocktails, although some don't think its that great. Good luck.


    1. Tao at the Venetian. There is a nightclub attached. Is there a Tao in NY? Alize at the Palms has a beautiful view and great food.

      1. I'd think about N9ne at the Palms or BOA at the Forum Shops; I think either one would be fun and both have good food and cocktails. I also like Okada but think it's a bit sedate for a birthday, and rather than Nobu, which you've got in NYC, you might think about Simon at the Hard's a pretty fun place with a sort of eclectic, new american menu.

        1. I haven't yet been to N9NE, but my husband was there last year for his bachelor party, and says it was a GREAT scene, as well as the best steak he's ever had. We're also big fans of BOA in the Forum Shops.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I think we are still leaning towards Fix but N9NE is looking like a possibility too!

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              Meant to add to my previouus post that FIX would probably suit your needs as well--that's where I had one of my bachelorette dinners, and the food was great! We had mini-kobe burgers w/ frites for apps, I had seabass for our entree and the dessert was freshly-made, piping hot mini-donuts with peanut butter & chocolate dipping sauces. The restaurant itelf is set up a bit higher than the casino floor, which it overlooks, so the people watching is great! It can get a bit loud; though, to be fair, I've heard the same about N9NE. I don't think you can go wrong either way.