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Good lunch spot in Hoboken?

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I'm meeting a friend from out of town for lunch in Hoboken next week. I haven't been there in years and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Nothing too formal and nothing too casual (i.e., a take-out joint or deli-type place). We're not fussy about cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. I haven't really been there in years myself but is Ali Baba - casual middle eastern -- still there? Also wondering abut Chela Luna (Italian American)? I thought both of those were pretty good but it really was a LONG time ago.

    1. Anthony David's at 10th and Bloomfield http://www.anthonydavids.com/ and
      La Isla http://www.laislarestaurant.com/

      1. I'd recommend Lua or City Bistro. Both places are great!