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Jun 18, 2007 10:51 AM

Where to eat / buy food - Baie St. Paul

Hi - my family and are visiting Baie St Paul in mid July and would appreciate any guidance on where to eat (be it cafe, bakery, haute cuisine etc.), and any great local farm stands / cheese makers / organic meet / fish markets etc....Hints on local brews / wine store also greatly receieved...

Much appreciate any help...


David Lamb

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  1. My favorite places are:
    Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix EMU MEAT
    Cidrerie, Verger Pedneault, economuseum® of... CIDER
    Laiterie Charlevoix économusée® du fromage ALL REGIONAL CHEESE
    Microbrasserie Charlevoix BREW PUB

    Charlevoix has amazing produce and suppliers, don't hesitate to explore!

    You can find a full list here:

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    1. re: ScoobySnacks20

      ScoobySnacks hi...thanks for the info...any recommendations for a kid friendly good quality / healthy to eat place?

      Thanks again

      1. re: FriskLamb

        Sorry, but I don't I've always been up camping or in cabins, but I always bring back a cooler full of nice stuff.

        The only place I remember going to (on several occasions) is the brepub downtown. It is quite kid friendly, very good, but healthy is another story, it's upscalish pub fare.

        1. re: ScoobySnacks20

          For some strange reason, when I go to the english link, the very helpful map doesn't appear, so also try:

          Maison d'Affinage Maurice Dufour is a fun place where kids can learn about the cheese-making process. They'll also love the mild cheese curds from St. Fidele (which you can buy in any grocery store in the region, or from the factory itself, where they also have an little ice-cream bar) which they key ingredient in poutine (anyone who tries to justify using shredded cheese has never survived a debate with a Quebecker), which of course you must eat at a road-side "roulotte à patates". It will be far from healthy: gloopy, hearty and artery-clogging, but you must do it at least once, and you can "behave" for the rest of the trip. There is also an agricultural museum about cheese-making, but I haven't been there. Kids might also like the chocolaterie in Les Éboulements, which also has an old forge next to it. Les saveurs oubliés may be a bit fancy for eating, but they usually have lots of interesting heirloom products in the shop, which can be an adventure for kids. Also worth the short drive is a trip to the tiny village of St. Joseph de la Rive. Pick up fantastic, and I mean truly fantastic, fresh veggies and local cheese and meat at Les Jardins du Centre (technically in les Éboulements, but located on the way "down the hill" to St. Joseph - they are very friendly, and would likely be happy to help you rise veggies to prep for sandwiches), and fresh bread at the little bakery in St. Joseph de la rive, and have a picnic at the farm, by the water in St. Joseph, or take the ferry across to the island and go to the apple orchard. While you're in St. Joseph, keep the kids occupied by taking them to the artisanal paper-making place (not chowish, I know, but you need to work up your appetites).

          Also check out previous posts on the Tadoussac area, if you make it down that way

          On the way, if you dare take your children to a pottery shop (you don't say how old they are) the Poterie in Port-au-Persil has a little café in the back with standard sandwich & salad fare, but a lovely view with plenty of space for car-bound kids to run around. In addition, the studio is open so they can see how the pottery (kind of chowish, we often needs plates & bowls to eat from!) is made.

          1. re: Sam Ottawa

            Sam hi,

            Thought I had replied - if a repeat - apologies...

            Thanks for the great info... ALthough off topic any cool places to visit - particluarly off the beaten track / swim holes etc...truly appreciated...

            1. re: FriskLamb

              Chowhound has a very narrow focus--where to find great chow. Cool places to visit are off topic for our site unless they're also delicious places to visit. Responses without a focus on food will be removed.

            2. re: Sam Ottawa

              Sam hi,

              Any where you recommend for a great romantic dinner in . near by to Baie St. Paul?

              1. re: FriskLamb

                Top spots for romantic dinner:

                The best foodie dining expeirence would probably be at La Pinsonnière in La Malbaie. It is a Relais et Chateaux hotel, so you should expect top quality and prices to match.

                For something a bit more reasonable, I've heard good things about La Maison Otis and Les Saveurs Oubliés, but haven't tried either, so I can't vouch for them. If you are thinking of an evening without kids, another option would be to book a room (with a whirlpool right in the bedroom) at Le Surouêt in Les Éboulements, and have a romantic dinner on the veranda overlooking the river.

                Also consider a "brunch-musique" at le Domaine Forget. It is a music school / camp / all around fantastic place, with a good list of perfomers, and the Sunday "brunch-musique" events that could be fun for the whole family. If you prefer to pair a concert with your romantic dinner, you could walk the grounds to work off your good food!

                1. re: Sam Ottawa

                  Once again merci beaucoup - very excited about trying some of the places you mention. As 1 of the kids is 14 we have built in baby sitting...

                  1. re: FriskLamb

                    OK Sam and Scooby Snacks here is a quick report.
                    Had a great time and thanks for the great info. Both Fromargeries were great - kids really enjoyed the Tom from Maison d'Affinage Maurice Dufour and there is a great bakery on the way back to Baie St Paul on the right - about 400 yds. Strawberries were in season - so they were a great snack. Had dinner at L'Orange in Baie St Paul - thought it was pretty good - not great. I had duck which was good - wife had the lamb which was excellent. Tried the emu place - their sausage was not too my likeing - and wife was some what put off by seeing the live birds!!! Ciderie was great - we had a bottle of Apple / Plum - quite dry - plum gave just extra flavor - very good. Best bread we had was at Auberge Boulangerie des Grand Jardins - just off rt 138 in La Malbaie - phone number is 418 439 5882. Worth poping in if on the way to Les Grand Gardin or Haute Gorge parks. Kids voted their pan aux Chocolat as the best we had.

      2. The restaurant of the Microbrasserie Charlevoix is more like a bistro, serving excellent food for a pub. It's called Le Saint-Pub ( They have great gravlax, mussels, and choucroute.

        The beer is generally very good. They won the Canadian brewing championships last year for their wheat beer.

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          We tried to get in but they did not seem too thrilled to seat a family of 6, and told us it would be at least a 1 hr wait - so we went to Orange - which was pretty good