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Jun 18, 2007 09:05 AM

Cold Summertime Ramen

With the hot weather, is there anywhere in Norther Brooklyn or Southern Queens i can get this treat? Do i have to go to Manahattan?

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  1. sorry manhattan rec here, but an easy one. you can take the L train to 6th ave, walk to just south of w8th st/greenwich and have a good summertime cold ramen special at ONY --anytime all summer long.

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    1. re: mrnyc

      New York magazine's website lists ONY as closed.
      Best to search "cold ramen" threads on the Manhattan board.

      1. re: Seth

        yea - ony is not there anymore. it became another restaurant... i feel like a rather trendy one at at that.

        ony was owned by the same people/company as menchanko tei in midtown east and west. they serve cold ramen. a ride on the 7 to grand central will take you a couple of blocks from the midtown east location (lex and 45th). oms/b is also down the street, the onigiri rice ball place that is divine.

        there's a few other manhattan ramen places that may serve it, you can check out rai rai ken or minca.

        unfortunately, i do not know of any places in queens that serves it.

        alternatively, do you like nehng-myun (korean dish - cold noodles in a icey broth with meat and veggies sliced in)? or zaru soba? these things are easier to find in queens...

        yoo-chun nehng myun in flushing/bayside on northern blvd near IHOP and that shopping center serves up a nice one.

        1. re: Linda

          too bad about ONY, although the cold summer ramen was the ony thing i really liked there.

          not ramen, but last night i had a very nice cold summer soba special at NAKA NAKA. it was a peanut based sauce with with sliced cucumbers and sliced cherry tomatos. simple, but cool and tasty.