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Jun 18, 2007 09:05 AM

Hot Smoked Salmon

I have a very generous Aunt who brings cryo-packed smoked salmon with her whenever she visits Toronto. I have 2 large (1 kg) packages at home that I would like to consume. I love the cold lox type smoke salmon, but I am not sure what to do with this "cooked" smoked salmon. I have eaten it plain and find it a little salty. I am asking for recipes to use up my surplus salmon.

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  1. Here are some things that we do:
    1. toss right of the package with pasta and fresh dill for a really quick dinner
    2. shred it up and use in a mayo/sour cream/cream cheese base as a dip- add a dollop of dijon mustard and a squeeze of lemon and maybe dill again
    3. put on top of a bed of baby spinach or arugala that has been simply dressed with olive oil and lemon juice

    1. love hot smoked salmon. my dad has been doing it for years, and now my husband is right into the hot smoking too. it shouldn't be too salty, but if it is try putting it with things that offset the salt - sweet, sour, etc.

      we love eating the salmon plain, but ours isn't salty. there's rarely any left over but when there is it goes well with:
      scrambled eggs (actually, eggs generally, you could make a quiche or flan)
      pasta (spinach, cream if you're not opposed to it)
      asparagus - a great summertime salad that you could dress with lemonjuice and offset the salt

      you could mince some and make ravioli or dumplings...
      and... it makes a great dip/paste if blended with cream cheese, capers, lemon juice and garlic and served with crostini
      hope this gives you some inspiration...
      p.s. do you ever put your cold smoked salmon in cooking? the hot smoked translates well into those dishes too...

      1. I smoked a whole Copper River salmon last week and we're just finishing off the last. As already said, it shouldn't be salty, but you have to live with it. It makes a great pasta sauce or dip as others have noted. One dish I tried last summer, was a strata, a kind of savory bread pudding. The recipe is here:

        I cut back on the potatoes a little. It was amazingly good, the taste of the smoked salmon was a lot stronger than I would have expected from such a small amount.

        I've also made chowder. This is one online recipe for a hot-smoked salmon and corn version - you can find others by doing a google search:

        1. I like to mix cream cheese with fresh dill to make dilled cream cheese. Smear this on a tortilla. Flake some smoked salmon and then spread that on top of the cheese.
          Roll up the tortillas tight as possible and then wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate over night.
          Slice into bite size pieces and serve with a dipping sauce. We usually use soy with wasabi mixed in. You could use something else should you choose. We have peanut sauce in the fridge which will be the next dip we try with it.


          1. A real simple app is to put it on a cracker and top with one of the off the shelf horseradish cream sauces you find easily at the grocery store. Then finish with a couple leaves of fresh tarragon.