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Jun 18, 2007 08:58 AM

Landmarc Time Warner or Tribeca?

We'll be in NYC this coming week and some friends of ours (2 couples) will be arriving at JFK on Thursday evening, a couple days later than us. I would like to make reservations for dinner someplace nice, but comfortable for their first night in town. 8pm. I was thinking that Landmarc might be a good choice. Is the Time Warner location any different from the Tribeca locale? The menu looks like it has something to please just about everyone. Some other places I am thinking of are: Blue Ribbon, Bar Americain, Mesa Grill, Balthazar, Clinton St. Baking Co. Any other ideas?

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  1. DEF tribeca over time warner. Cozier. and I think better...

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      I just made a reservation at Landmarc in Tribeca for 9pm. The only problem is that they said their largest table seats 10 and we are 11. They said they will add another seat, but it may be tight. Two diners are 13 year old girls, so maybe it will be ok. Is the restaurant crowded? Do you think that it will be uncomfortable? I just like the idea that the menu is well-rounded and would work for everyone in our party. I'm open to other suggestions, Chowhounds. Since everyone is putting me in charge of our dining for the week, I don't want to choose any bombs. Pressure!

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        When I went, we had a reservation for 10 and ended up being 13 at a round table. We were tight, but nothing uncomfortable and they were very accomodating. The restaurant is always full but never feels too crowded. With a big group, you'll probably be seated upstairs. Landmarc Tribecca will never bomb! Get some ice cream cones for desert! The 13 year olds will love it! ALSO, they have cotton candy for desert. Not on the menu, but order it!

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        1. Did you call the Landmarc in TWC? That place is enormous (they can seat over 300 at a time), Im sure they will have no problem seating 11.

          Despite its large size and relatively recent opening, I was extremely impressed with the operation they have there. According to our server, no servers transferred over from Tribeca and only 1 manager came up. Despite the relatively green staff and its enormous size, the place is running seamlessly.

          Living in the neighborhood, ive been there 3 times in the past month. Huge asset to the hood. Oh yeah, and despite what im sure is enormous rent, they still have the cheapest wine around.

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            Thanks for all the info. My mom liked the menu at Bar Americain, so that is where we are going and they were able to seat us at 8pm. I am definitely going to try Landmarc, though. I will probably go for lunch, though. There are just way too many places I want to try.

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              About that huge rent, it is $72,000 a month. The Marc has not been that shy about mentioning that. I have had a few good meals there despite the $864,0000 yearly rent they have to cover; but if location is of importance I think the cooking is more consistant at the tribeca outpost.